Actually, development and gentrification is the least of the problems in this neighborhood BUT the concern over new construction is important for the future of this embattled neighborhood. Read more:

Residents concerned about new development in Hyde Park

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A new development planned for the Hyde Park neighborhood has some residents frustrated. The $78 million project is being done by Mac Properties and will include four buildings around the intersection of Armour and Troost. The property will have apartments, retail and restaurants.


  1. Mac Properties builds Mac Mansions.


  2. I think MAC did Hyde Park a favor, and is still doing that area a favor. The only problem is the houses on the corner of Armour and Campbell, Locust, Harrison, and Cherry, will probably lose home value. For the people who bought in that area did it with their eyes wide open, knowing MAC was on a mission and that corner "aka crack corner" was going to be developed. Sometimes to better an area you have to deal with a few issues like parking.

  3. Everything is good on Armour Blvd. We have $512,000 bicycle lanes

  4. Neighborhood self appointed leaders and The Troost Coalition ,who btwy are 99.9 % white are blindly endorsing this blatant act of Racial Gentrification.
    The biggest mystery is the actual 8 MILLION DOLLAR purchase of the 4 Armour / Troost corners.
    There may have been money paid to a member of both these groups.
    The recent meeting covered very little of the Cities parking ordinance for new construction, INCLUDING PLANS FOR RETAIL LIQOUR.
    Residents are rejecting this veiled act of racism , pushing out mostly AFRICAN AMERICANS who have been renting apts or owning businesses in the vicinity.
    Hyde Park has long history of racism , considering they have only had 2 Blacks in it's long history , NONE IN THIS DECADE.
    African American activists are calling out MAC Properties , who nationally have a long history of Racist Gentrification , notably St. Louis and Chicago.
    More to come Tony KC , we believe there will be an investigation of the City Council who endorsed this project


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