More Kansas City Saturday Gunfire

Aftermath of a shootout today that has one person clinging to life. Read more:

Man critically injured in shooting following altercation in KC

One man was critically injured after being shot in Kansas City on Saturday. The shooting happened in the area of E. 80th Street and Forest around 1:40 p.m. After someone called and said they heard multiple gunshots, the officers went to the scene and found a man in his 20s who was suffering from a gunshot wound.


  1. People in this area are so stupid. Mad at the power company because severe weather hit them up? The power company cant waive a wand and poof all fixed.

  2. Fortunately for Ja’Quann, This will be a case that Jean Petersucker Baker will have little interest in prosecuting. She will be eager you settle for a lesser charge with a light sentence. He will be out free in no time so he can kill some more. Jean Petersucker Baker is worthless.

  3. Jean Peters Baker is more conserned about getting anyone with an ‘R’ after their name in prison rather than the real criminals.

  4. The new guv is gonna pardon the old guv so there’s no reason for her to still be involved, she said a few days ago that no one has came to her for a plea deal, I think the bigger idiot the shitty Louis prosecutor forgot to tell her the charges got dropped and to go home, or maybe she’s effing the friends of Michael brown! Either way she’s getting paid to continue to do nothing.

  5. conserned

    no one has came to her for a plea deal,


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