KC Blogger Doubts Faith In Prez Trump

Partisan politics in matters of faith and morals always makes for hard feelings . . . Here's a glimpse at the local discussion on a nationwide crisis of conscience for religious communities. Checkit:

Unresolved fear drove evangelicals to Trump: 6-18-18

One of the major mysteries of the 2016 presidential election is why 81 percent of white evangelicals abandoned almost everything they have stood for in terms of morality and voted for Donald Trump. My last effort to offer light on...


  1. there he goes again, saying his religion is about politics.

  2. Bill, stick to what you know; excreting pablum. What drove anyone to Trump is the same; Obama's negative coattails and a desire to focus on issues that mattered to regular people. Throw in Hillary's negative charisma and you have all the ingredients you need.

  3. "Fea contends that the desire by evangelicals for a strong leader to allay their fears is evidence that they aren't taking their faith seriously: "Even the most cursory reading of the Old and New Testament reveals that, ultimately, Christians have nothng to fear. Scripture reminds us that we already have a strong protector in times of need."

    Well there ya go folks. All of those dead Christians who are now suffering genocide, murder, rape and assault in those free and open countries in the Mid East (With, the ironic exception of Syria.) can take comfort as they are beheaded, with these words of wisdom from a 9th rate, political demagogue whose cover is the pretense that he has a better idea, than you do, of what Jesus would want us to do.

    Read this Billy, when you are not too busy boning up on the Koran.


    The risible pretense that Progressives are not involved up to their collective necks in identity politics in order to maintain power, sinecure and bank on the backs of the middle class, is laughable agitprop.

    Virtue signalling from the 'high ground' where Billy Tammy thinks he lives is all that is left in the arsenal of apparatchiks who know they live a lie.

  4. Chuck, I'm not reading the American Thinker because I'm not a racist asshole like you.

    People voted for Trump because they believed his many lies.

    There is no genocide of Christians, but then you probably believe in white genocide.

    Christians have killed more people then Muslims.

  5. Chuck, tell us how the Muslims started both world wars.

    It wasn't Muslims who committed the Holocaust, it was White Christians.

  6. 8:41

    I can surmise, reasonably I think, that you are a Historian, just like Obama, your guidon and the personification of all that is holy in the Progressive Cathedral.

    Obama, soon after his election, went on what many in the medial, even the legacy media, called "An Apology Tour". His visit to the Mid East was peppered with speeches and historical references to the "Crusades" which, he, in spite of the categorical, historical evidence to the contrary, he portrayed as an Imperialistic, first strike against Holy Islam.

    Oops. My guess, is that his claims to be a "Constitutional Scholar" are similar to his metier as a 'Historian'. Europeans were sitting around for centuries picking the lice out of each others hair, when, out of fuckin no where, Islam invaded the Iberian Peninsula in the year 711. Stopped finally, in 732, by Charles the fuckin Hammer Martel, at the battle of Tours.

    Here is my point, you dumb fuck. Just because you say something, doesn't make it true. You can't click your pretty transgender heels together and hope that your Ruby Slippers will change facts.

  7. While the constant refrain that evangelicals abandoned what they believe in order to vote for trump, I never hear the flip side of that argument; that if they voted for Hillary would have amounted to the same thing Can anyone seriously make case that the modern democrat party would made evangelical Christians feel at home? The whole argument can be boiled down to who the lesser of two evils are. Isn’t that the typical choice in all elections?

  8. You can't argue with chuck because his pathetically small mind cannot hold two opposing thoughts in it at the same time. Chuck knows what he knows, which is what ever he just finished hearing Alex Jones regurgitates. Chuck is the equivalent of the loony-birds you see on the street corners shouting at passers by. Only he uses this blog as his street corner. Like those loons, you don't engage them. Just make fun of them and go on you way.

  9. 9:37 In other words, we must silence people like Chuck with insults and appeals to a "Higher Loyalty".

  10. If Chuck lived in England, he would be in a cell, right where we want him, next to Tommy Robinson.

  11. Another Lefty trying to figure out how the hell Trump got elected. They are going to analyze it to death.

    It's really very simple. We are fed up with politicians who don't represent us.

    We wanted an outsider, someone who wasn't a career politician.

    Trump is the MAN! He is getting it DONE!

    The best part... he is NOT politically correct... and it drives the Left crazy.

  12. He's a raving lunatic.

    He is not getting any thing done.

    1. You are insane because of your hatred for the dily elected President. Seek help.

  13. 9:37 sucks Muslim dick...

  14. The atheists killed more than anyone ever did...100 Million in the last century ALONE!

    And they are still at it.

    Officially Atheistic Regimes killed AT LEAST 100 Million people in the 20th century...The Black Book of Communism, Harvard University Press.

  15. 8:41, you are either lying or just stoopid.

    The Mooslims started their wars of aggression back in the early 700's, and they are STILL AT IT!

    And yes, Christians are being killed all over the Mid East, but atheists get an orgasm every time they can deny it!

  16. Billy Tammy knows all this, but covers it up.

    He is a duplicitous double dealer.

  17. @9:56AM-are you retarded? You seem retarded, because I never said to silence chuck, I said you make fun of him and go your own way. Leave it to a dim-witted Republikkkn, repubtrurd Trumpkin like you to completely misconstrue the statement, make material omissions of fact and straight out lie to prop up whatever bat-shit conclusion you were trying to reach in the first place. Clown-you're dismissed!

  18. The economy has grown more since Trump became president than it did the whole 8 years the Hawaiian fag was suppose to be in charge. Trump is a leader and it scares pinkos.

  19. MAGA

  20. @12:19PM dead wrong. Another misstatement of facts and outright lies by another Trumptard. You have a computer. Look up the economy growth under Obama and get back to us. We'll wait here. Don't worry...we already know the number. We're waiting.

  21. ...and we're STIll waiting..........

  22. Still.....waiting...(crickets...cricket....)


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