Sunday, June 17, 2018

Kansas Congressional Contender Brent Welder Talks WyCo Shooting & TYT

Brent Welder is the leading progressive candidate in the Democratic Party push against Kansas Congressman Kevin Yoder.

MSM is pushing limp establishment Democratic Party candidates but Mr. Welder has garnered far more support and excitement among the younger, activist denizens of JoCo.

However, a recent statement from the upstart candidate caused controversy after the tragic shooting this week.

First, the offending e-mail blast line from the Brent Welder campaign:

"Our office in Wyandotte County was locked down because of a shooting a few blocks away at the courthouse.

"I’m grateful our staff and volunteers are safe, but two sheriff’s deputies were killed yesterday because someone who shouldn’t have had a gun had one. We’ve gone less than a month since we’ve had a major school shooting in this country. And I’m not even counting the other shooting victims from just our area this week.

"This has got to stop. Click now to sign on to our petition calling for Rep. Kevin Yoder to stop taking NRA and gun lobby contributions. He may say nice things, but he won’t do anything as long as he is in the pocket of the NRA."

To be fair, the Conservative response to this note was swift but also reveals that even the right-wing denizens of JoCo are starting to realize that Mr. Welder's campaign presents a serious threat to incumbent Congressman Yoder.

Here's a note sent our way by a right-wing JoCo leader and TKC reader:

"Astonishingly disgusting that any candidate would use the blood of murdered law enforcement personnel to pander to his campaign for Congress. This has to be the most egregious use of tragedy ever in elections . . ."

In better news for the Welder campaign . . .


Seriously, you can tell the host Cenk Uygur likes the guy and really feels like the Bernie Bro contingent of the Democratic Party has the chance to score a major victory in the Kansas 3rd District contest.

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

this might be the first time in Kansas history that Republicans will support the Hillary candidate.

Anonymous said...

"I’m grateful our staff and volunteers are safe, but two sheriff’s deputies were killed yesterday because someone who shouldn’t have had a gun had one."

Ummmm . . . so he's saying that the deputies shouldn't have been armed. My understanding is that they were killed with one of their own service revolvers after being disarmed.

The Republicans are missing out if they don't jump all over such a stupid comment.

Anonymous said...

Stay in your office snowflake....leave life up to real men.

Bob said...

The criminal that got one of the WYCO Deputies gun was in restraints and somehow got the gun away from one of the deputies. The criminal has a long history of murder and because of a bleeding heart liberal, like candidate douche bag, couldn't vote to convict the SOB when they had the chance. The NRA did not play a role in this. I pin their deaths on the juror(s) that couldn't bring themselves to convict the guy in the woman's murder, Oh and other people like you. I hope you spend a ton of your own money, not likely, to try to unseat Yoder and end up broke and unemployed you jerk.
My prayers and my contributions will go towards the deputies families not your stupid election campaign.
Shame on you for using the media to push your selfish agenda.

chuck said...


Dead on the fuckin money.

What a piece of shit this bandwagoning, bumper sticker, blinkered, silo, Socialist is.

Anonymous said...

So this lame brained politician is saying LEOs should not have guns? And that the only reason they do have guns is the NRA? And that Yoder suports the NRA?

Vote for Yoder. Obviously.

Anonymous said...

Hey retards, we don't know what happened.

The police won't tell us any thing except some nonsense about how they followed proper procedures.

Do they even know who the shooter really is?

Anonymous said...

^^^ “Blinkered silo”. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah. Bwaaassssssss’. Lolololololol!!!! Hahahahahahahsha!!!!

Anonymous said...

This has to be the most stupid man in Wyandotte County.

Anonymous said...

9:32 :

The shooter must have been Lee Harvey Oswald, you moronic asshole.

Are you this dickhead politician's brother?

Anonymous said...

8:36 BOOM!

Can't believe any campaign trying to take on Yoder could let something this stupid get past the first draft let alone get out the door.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

He’s toast now

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I was at a gun show yesterday with thousands of guns and ammunition. No shots were fired. And no hood rats tried to rob us either.

Anonymous said...

Welder get some education son.

Anonymous said...

I hope if Welder ever calls 911, the police can find an officer to respond that doesn’t believe in carrying a gun.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he can get the support of both people watching the Young Turks.

Anonymous said...

"Justice Democrat" is just code for "YES I am a dumbass!"

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why these murders keep happening. We keep making more & more guns, & yet the killing continues. I thought guns were supposed to protect us, & show that we're patriots.