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One of our favorite hottie models recently offered an equally stunning culture war perspective that deserves consideration:

ExpressUK: Kelly Brook BLASTS mums using childcare as an 'excuse'

Closer to home, for our late night denizens, we want to share nice news, family info itmes and important links that are worth a peek for our shift worker pals. Checkit:

Yet Another Conservative Perspective From Across The Pond

BBC Finds KC Abortion Survivor More Interesting Than Do Local Media - The Sentinel

This week the "Victoria Derbyshire Programme" on the famed BBC network did a feature on Kansas City abortion survivor Melissa Ohden. Ohden's story is riveting enough to deserve international attention. At 14, Ohden learned a "shocking secret" about her past: a nurse at an Iowa hospital had found her crying in a pile of medical waste after a botched abortion.

Show-Me Bear Boom In Missouri

Bear sightings increase on Missouri roads, rivers, even trailer parks

Bears are suddenly showing up, dead and alive, across Missouri, and an expert says it's in large part due to male bears looking for love, sometimes in new places. A 400-pound male black bear was found dead Sunday in the Current River near the southern Missouri town of Van Buren.

Kansas City Firebug Charge

Man charged with setting Kansas City home on fire instead of getting evicted

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City man is now charged with arson, accused of setting his own house on fire. The home on Blue Ridge Cutoff sits less than a mile from Kauffman and Arrowhead stadiums. It's now been deemed a dangerous structure and has been boarded up.

Lesson In Working Class Life
More Sites In Kansas Offering Free Meals To Kids This Summer
Local Hero Awarded Top Honor

Mission police officer to be awarded department's first Law Enforcement Purple Heart award

MISSION, Kan. -- A police officer in Mission will be the first in her department's history to earn a very prestigious honor. On June 20, Officer Samantha Kunzler will receive a Law Enforcement Purple Heart award. Different than the military honor, this award is given to officers who are injured or disabled in the line of duty.

Show-Me Reform For Missouri Law Think Piece

Constitutional Revision in Missouri: The Convention of 1943-1944

In November 2022, Missourians will vote on a referendum asking whether to revise and amend our constitution. Our current constitution was adopted in 1945. Since then it has been amended over 110 times and has grown to nearly 80,000 words-nearly three times the length of the document ratified in 1945.

In Praise Of The Peppernut

List names the 'most iconic desserts' from each state, and Kansas' nominee is so tiny

A list from The Daily Meal names the most iconic dessert from each state, and Kansas was assigned the peppernut

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