Kansas City Tuesday First News Look

We start the morning with hottie testimony on the joys of motherhood . . .

Glamour: Chrissy Teigen Just Got Real About Her 'Milky' Breastfeeding Boobs

Then, closer to home we check some of the most important local links for right now:

Northland Rage Against Taggers

The Rant: Penguin Park vandalism angers viewer

A viewer says thugs are spray-painting and defacing new park equipment the city just installed and he thinks surveillance cameras should be installed.


Police stop burglary in progress at Kansas City home

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Police in Kansas City said they stopped a burglary in progress at a home near 77th and The Paseo early Monday morning. The homeowner's girlfriend said the homeowner is out of town. He has a security system that includes video cameras and alerted him to something strange.

Internets Scam Follow-Up

Nigerian Prince Email Scam Took $110K Dollars From One Kansas Man

Don't trust emails from Nigerian princes. You would think by this time in the history of the internet, everyone would know not to send money to random people online. Fred Haines learned that lesson the hard way, but now he is being reimbursed for sending thousands of dollars to Nigeria.

Kansas City Tree Killer Comeback

Invasive bug eating up and killing popular metro trees, experts say

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A bug called the emerald ash borer is attacking metro ash trees and killing more each year. So what can you do to protect your yard? And what is the next tree in crisis? FOX4 looked into the leaves for answers.

Kansas Fanboy Achievement

KU alum creates 'Al-Hen Fieldhouse'

KU alum Jarrod Williams created a special coop for his chickens, and decided to replicate the fieldhouse at KU.

Show-Me Transit Contradiction

After 98 Missouri Pedestrians Died in 2017, MoDOT Focuses on Safer Streets

click to enlarge In 2017, more than half of the 98 pedestrian deaths and 264 serious injuries in Missouri were in the St. Louis area. Now, the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety is looking to put pedestrian safety front and center during a weeklong campaign from June 11 to 18.

Fanboy Double Play @ KC Game

Baseball Fan Catches Two Consecutive Foul Balls Barehanded

What began as a normal afternoon game between the Oakland A's and the Kansas City Royals turned into a statistical anomaly. In the bottom of the sixth inning, A's left fielder Chad Pinder fouled a ball from Royals' pitcher Scott Barlow back off into the seats ― where an A's fan identified only as Bill from Pittsburg, California, was ready and waiting.

Sugarland - Babe ft. Taylor Swift is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. If you are stupid enough to send 110 grand to Hakeem the Fresh Prince in Nigeria you deserve to get took.

  2. When will Kansas City get serious about safer streets?

  3. Got ALL $110K back?!?? Lucky stupid bastard.


  4. Kansas city doesn't care about safer streets they just care about the invisible bicyclists, and building apartments on the racial divide that no one will ever rent.

  5. People can't rent apartments because they are over priced for the market.

  6. I want to shit about this too!!! Wait for me!!!!

  7. Larry the Cable guy?


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