Kansas City Toy Train Streetcar Extension Ready To Go With Or Without Voter Approval

We want to try to be a little bit more objective because a recent Jackson County ruling affirmed that the toy train vote isn't rigged after all. Credit where it's due . . . A small cadre of consultants, lawyers, developers & paid activists could win even more cash by gaming local Democracy with very little public criticism. Accordingly, it's hard not to admire or at least respect their commitment at the expense of transit equity in every other part Kansas City proper.

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Kansas City streetcar officials plan ahead after vote - Kansas City Business Journal

A third and final vote on extending the streetcar south has concluded, and although the votes aren't counted, confident city officials already are looking down the line at funding mechanisms and construction logistics. Jackson County Circuit Court reports that 4,770 ballots were requested for the mail-in election to approve a sales tax and special property assessment to fund streetcar operations in the recently formed transportation development district.


  1. Toot toot. Hoot. Federal funding? Clunk.

  2. Total waste.

  3. @6:17 nails it - Federal funding is the key. There's none of it.

  4. Federal funding may be the key to actually building something.
    But in the meantime, think of the millions that will be spent on consultants, planners, PR flacks, and other hangers-on endlessly pushing along this joke.
    The PIAC, sales tax, GO bond, and other funds are sloshing around with all sorts of "unappropriated" balances.
    Let the good times roll!

  5. Also think of the 25 million tourists visiting KCMO each year.

  6. Oh no!! No no no. Not on my watch bud! I'm the steward of the cities finances!!! We don't have the money because I say we don't!! No no no! Not now not evar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. ^^^Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  8. "We want to try to be a little bit more objective..."


  9. ^^^I DON'T KNOW

  10. Nostalgia and sentimentality are great and my favorite emotions, too, but very poor drivers of public policy and investment. -Radish


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