Kansas City Star Pride Month Push Back Against Guv Parson OR Twisting Context Of Comments On Worker Protections???

Here's an important perspective on the newspaper committing a cheap shot by not offering context on what was actually a statement that mostly offered consideration to the rights of LGBT workers. Thankfully, Conservative pundit Cashill takes them apart on this bit of editorial unfairness. Read more:

So Much For The Honeymoon, Gov. Parsons Not Pro-Gay Enough for Media - The Sentinel

Mike Parsons had been Missouri governor for four days and nine minutes when the Kansas City Star editorial board decided it was high time to challenge Parsons on his gay credentials. The provocative Star headline reads, "'I don't support them': Gov. Parson's views on 'the homosexual issue' are cause for concern."


  1. Gays love to rub it in ur face...pun intended. If they want to fudge pack that's their business, but they don't have to throw fudge at us.

  2. Listen long enough and people will tell you what they want.

    Tony Blair famously said, that he would "Rub conservative faces in diversity" and then, with Progressive leaders throughout Europe, embarked on the genesis of what will be soon, a civil war throughout the continent, where "rivers of blood" will flow.

    Gay people are every bit as militant as the rest of the Antifa-Progressive movement. They seek the destruction of traditional Judeo-Christian ethos which has been the underpinning of this country for 2 centuries. On every front and in every conversation the left pushes for conflict and the capitulation of middle Americans who must be bent to the will of radical, Fascist Progressives who already hold the power of the megaphone in the 4th Estate, The Deep State, Hollywood and Academe.

    Acquiesce or face the fury of Politically Correct, holier than thou commissars who hold sway throughout the land.

    Fuck the Agenda Driven, pack dog pieces of shit at the Kansas City Star.

  3. Typical Independence trashy slut uneducated meth addict.

  4. Who cares what the faggots and muffdivers want? They are abominable and revulsing. They need to be treated for their mental illness and straighten up.

  5. Are gays eligible for welfare like knocked up graduates of the KCMO school district?

  6. Faggots have pride week because they are proud they suck each others cocks and get done up the butt? They have no say in Missouri government.

  7. Without TKC and Jack Cashill we'd all be totally UNinformed.


  8. Parson's views on homosexual issue are cause for concern? What concern that he doesn't believe the way they do? If people want to be gay that's their choice but don't ram it down the throats of others who don't agree with it!

    Geez it's never enough for you people!

  9. Tony,
    Please note the Governor is Mike Parson, not Parsons. He has been a family friend for years and is probably one of the most honest people in politics today.

  10. I don’t like queers either but lesbians can be sort of hot.

  11. The endless claims of victim hood and demands for special attention by the countless special interest groups swirling through the Democratic Party and their constant criticism of anyone, particularly Republicans, who even try to balance rights and responsibilities, is a terrible drag on the Dems and will be their undoing in the upcoming elections in the fall.
    There are major serious issues confronting state government in Missouri and Parson has already set his priorities on education, highways, and fiscal responsibility. All worthwhile proposals to address the general good.
    People are really tired of all the marching, making demands, protesting, and all the rest of me, me, look at me.
    The Dems need to stand up and support some ideas and policies which are good for the general public or they will badly lose in November.

  12. Multi

  13. I miss the closet.

  14. Hey there HOMOSEXUALLY ABOUNDS TRANNY BITCHES SHIT HOLE EATING BITCHES ! Chuckster nailed it big time !¡!¡! Kansas city douchebag HOMOSEXUALLY metrosexual inner city population in Westport , Brookside , P & L , Crossroads , First ( fist ) Friday crowd should all be moving to the queers hangout bastion of San Francisco so that they can get AIDS , drugs and MANY rounds of queer bait !¡!¡!

  15. Major agreement with the above poster 11:23 , thanks for that ABOVE as well as the spot on Super insight from the Chuck dude ...


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