Kansas City Royals Losing Streak Continues

Hard times for the home team endure, here's the best write-up on the most recent local loss. Read more:

Royals suffer fifth straight loss, 10-2 to Astros

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Houston Astros won their 10th straight game, with Dallas Keuchel getting three-run homers from Max Stassi and Alex Bregman to rout the Kansas City Royals 10-2 on Saturday. Jose Altuve hit a two-run double in the first inning to send the World Series champions on their way.


  1. Cheapskate hillbilly inbred owner, Jesus freak GM, dumbass manager, shitty players adds up to 100 losses.

  2. How much are beers at K now ? $15 ? Get bent Royal rip offs.

  3. Move the bases and pitcher's mound in 20 feet and see what happens...

  4. Go to "Lingerie Baseball" and see what happens!

  5. Gordon is still working hard in the gym and being the team's quiet stoic leader.
    Well worth the money spent on his contract.

  6. Just another example of adults taking a kid's game & ruining it.

    If you play baseball for a living & you are payed millions, you are still a worthless non-contributor to society because this is not important.


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