Kansas City Massacre Remembered

Testament to this town's history and how prisoner transports have always been dangerous . . .

Fox4: 85 years later, a dark day in Kansas City remembered


"Today marks a dark day in Kansas City history. 85 years ago mobsters gunned down and killed four law enforcement officers and a criminal fugitive at Union Station railroad depot. It was the morning of June 17, 1933.

"The killings of four peace officers and the prisoner has gone down in history as the “Kansas City Massacre.” The mass shooting led to a major FBI policy change: agents began carrying firearms."

A quick Internets clip on the topic:

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  1. White on white crime. When will they ever learn?

  2. I know, let's make something illegal, & then people won't do it any more.

    Works every time.

  3. @10:01, +100

  4. You're only agreeing with me because you don't know who I am.

  5. shut up byron

  6. 10:39 who flipping cares?

  7. Tonight on "Who Cares" we're talking to TKC Scholars about civility in the face of the Trump Dictatorship.

    Conclusion: Behaving in a civil manner is now consider PC & therefore bad.

    Solution: Move to another country where the people don't pride themselves on being nasty.

    Join us next time on "Who Cares" when we'll be talking to white nationalists about all the trouble they've had with immigrants ever since their ancestors came to this country.

  8. ^^^^^ Completely stupid

  9. Conclusion: Behaving in a civil manner is now consider PC & therefore bad.

    Yeah, be kind and polite like ass face De Niro !!!

    Fuck him and most libtards.


  10. @9:57 Kinda like the black on black and black on white crime today! When will YOU ever learn?

  11. Robert Unger6/18/18, 7:49 AM

    The generally accepted version of the events of June 17, 1933, aka the ""Union City Massacre"" or the ""Kansas City Massacre,"" has notorious outlaws Verne Miller, ""Pretty Boy"" Floyd and Adam Richetti leaving carnage in their wake--one FBI agent killed, at least two others wounded, and two Kansas City detectives and one Oklahoma sheriff killed--as they tried to spring notorious bank-robber Frank Nash from FBI custody. Not so, says veteran journalist Unger, now head of the Urban Journalism Project at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Unger believes that the killings were accidental shootings by an FBI agent during the gunfight, and that the eventual conviction and execution of Richetti for the death of one detective was a result of perjury by FBI agents and officials. Unger's trump card is his access under the Freedom of Information Act to the FBI's 20,000-page file on the killings and their aftermath. Unfortunately, though Unger's take seems logically supportable, a paucity of direct quotations from the file means that readers must rely on his interpretation of it for his conclusions. In any case, he weaves his text in tight, level prose that carries an authoritative air. These days, it's unlikely that anyone will be surprised by Hoover's evident perfidy--but Unger does make the important point that Hoover never changed in all the years that he ran the FBI. He was, seemingly, corrupt and venal from the beginning.

  12. 7:49---And it happened under a Democratic administration.

  13. 7:49, as the saying goes, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Does Mr. Unger have extraordinary evidence?

    Until recently it would have been unthinkable to believe that the FBI would lie under oath to cover up its own crimes. Now it seems a truism.

  14. J.Edgar was gay.

  15. Really? Are you really this stupid.

    Democrats bad. Republicans good.

    See, life is simple when you're a simpleton.

  16. ^^Forget it dude, it's geezertown. These retards can only hold one viewpoint in their shriveled brains. It's the viewpoint where the get all of their opinions, news, and talking points-Faux News.


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