Kansas City Inner-Suburbs Stay Losing This Summer: Raytown Applebee's Gunfire Report

From dining options to flying bullets, everything about this recent ruckus is horrible:

Man shot outside Raytown Applebee's then found lying in Sonic parking lot

RAYTOWN, Mo. -- A man was shot Friday night outside an Applebee's in Raytown, police say. Police say around 6 p.m. Friday they received a call about gunshots fired outside an Applebee's near 350 Highway and Maple. A man in his 20s was shot. Right now, police don't know if the victim was an Applebee's patron.


  1. Did they get they free dinner? As long as they got they free dinner it’s worth getting shot over, just nigs being nigs

  2. Looks like a case for one of those tricky Raytown lawyers in that rambling office in downtown Raytown.

  3. How many cops left in Raytown now??? 4? 6?

  4. A dine and dasher going for dessert ?

  5. Them negroes sure love that curbside pickup,thats their version of Netflix and chill

  6. Applebees - hang onto the menu after ordering so you can laugh at the pic of what you ordered and what was delivered to your table.


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