Kansas City Cycling Advocates Beg For Support After Crooks Target BikewalkKC

Crime targets pricey Kansas City transit and leaves activists dismayed regarding the reality of navigating often dangerous locals streets. Read more:

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Stolen bikes alert: five of our youth fleet bicycles were stolen last night. Please keep an eye out and, if you're able, make a financial donation to help us replace them ASAP. Thank you. https://t.co/mnzad7KUhC


  1. I was watching this young lady on the news and she was complaining about how expensive those bikes are and that they can’t afford to replace them but then she said she could’ve gotten the thieves bikes for next to nothing or free, I’m confused, why can’t she get replacements for next to nothing or free?

  2. Wondered when this was going to start happening

  3. Wanta talk dangerous? The new bike lanes tha require cars to PARK out five feet from the curb. Problem is you can not see cars coming from the left and right because of the cars parked out away from the curb. When someone dies there I will be first in line to remind everyone that I wrote about it on Tonys.


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