Kansas City Blogger: Religion Is Old School

Faith life reality check on the fate of organized religion from the top local writer on the subject of morals and conscience doesn't bode well for the future as the NEXTGEN is more apt to worship among the cult of the mobile phone. Read more:

A global trend in religious practices: 6-16/17-18

You merely have to look around at almost any worship service of almost any religion in the U.S. to see that people with gray hair often outnumber people under 30. But a new analysis of studies by the Pew Research...


  1. his observation is right but just scratches the surface.

    his list of turnoffs should include that many mainstream churches are now crypto-political organizations with less religious content. right now, this is very untimely in a polarized society. expect more closures and repurposing of obsoleted church buildings.

    a footnote might be added that the young people are found mainly in religion-oriented churches, especially reform. the mainstream churches have not learned from this, however.

  2. Bill is ignorant. Last night a debate was held at the Emanuel Baptist Church between some young people and the Kansas City Atheist Coalition and the KCAC was pawned!

  3. Good Grief @ 9:05 - do you think for a second that anyone believes the garbage you post?

    The KCAC is a tiny group of egotistical creeps mewling for attention, and non of the would have the courage to go into the Jungle that surrounds Emmanuel Baptist Church at night.

  4. Christians may say the words, but they sure don't follow their own Handbook!

    Maybe if the essence of all "Religions" didn't boil down to "We-uns is better than You-uns" Churches could attract more young people.


  6. Man says "God says.".

    Think about it-

  7. If "Christians" were really "Christian", every Church in Town would be out picketing the Federal Building to protest the jailing of children as hostages to use against their Parents along the Southern Border.
    And Evangelicals would be organizing Protest Marches on Washington.

    But they're not, so they're not!

  8. the religion of atheists is politics and statism.

  9. Is your God Bernie? Hillary?

    You may be disappointed eventually.

  10. 11:11 why is the Kansas City Atheist Coaltion a tax free 501(c) 3 corporation?

    They engage in poltical activity, don't they?

    Now, go tattle back to Josh.

  11. Josh, people sick of you and your fucking camera.

  12. Bill, you and your libtard pal, Robert Lee Hill...who evaded the draft...need to please Shut Up!


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