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What to do with your brush from Saturday's storm

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A strong storm Saturday morning knocked power out to thousands of homes across the Kansas City metro. It also toppled trees and sent branches tumbling, leaving many residents wondering what to do with the debris scattered in yards and roadways. Different cities across the metro have different strategies for collecting brush.

No Leaking In The Southland???

South KC flood control project nears completion

Engineers are using a pretty heavy weight, 19 tons, to build a new levee in South Kansas City.The 1.3-mile earthen levee is part of the Dodson Flood Control project, which is designed to protect the Dodson industrial area from the Blue River, between 85th Street and Bannister.

Rebuilding KCMO Inner-City Redux

KC board seeks East Side development project proposals - Kansas City Business Journal

A board is seeking projects to benefit from a sales tax passed to boost development in Kansas City's East Side. The Central City Economic Development Sales Tax Board will accept project proposals until Aug. 2.

Local Country Song
1 arrested after leading police on chase, setting mobile home on fire
Meet The Kansas City Foodie Future

Bryan Sparks Talks His New Gig at Broadway Bistro, Goulash and the Future of Kansas City Dining

It's taken Bryan Sparks a few tries to get where he really feels he's meant to be. After high-profile stints at Ostrea, Repeal 18th and The Jacobson, Sparks has landed as executive chef at Broadway Bistro and Bevco39 under operations manager Joe Shirley.

Kansas City Fanboy Overview

Royals Rumblings - News for June 4, 2018

Royals Rumblings - News for June 4, 2018 Whit Merrifield talks about using the "Get Loud" prompt from CrownVision to his advantage. "The crowd gets loud," Merrifield said. "The pitcher can't hear. You got to take off." Merrifield sprinted toward third base, coaxing a throw from Trivino.

Downtown Kansas City Agenda

From 'Indivisible' to Future Stages, Downtown will sizzle this week

Roll the highlight reel for the week ahead in arts and entertainment in Downtown KC - Monday to Sunday, June 4-10: Crossroads KC at Grinders will be bouncing this week with two outdoor concerts including: Heartland Men's Chorus - With the prejudice, inequality, bias and discrimination happening in the world around us, HMC presents Indivisible its response in song at 8 p.m.

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    Did the KC Zoo get a new Gorilla?

  2. No that's sly in drag after extensive photo shopping.

  3. “The Central City Economic Development Sales Tax”

    This has nothing to do with the real eastside, stop it with the eastside rebuilding crap, that’s code for the fat fake revs to “come get you some of this free money”


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