In Defense Of Sen. Claire McCaskill???

As the Midterm silly season kicks into high gear, take a look at public TV promo pretending to be objective:

As Missouri Republicans Mobilize Against Her, Sen. Claire McCaskill Defends Record

U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill is experienced in tough re-election races, though likely Republican challenger (and Missouri attorney general) Josh Hawley might be her strongest competition yet. And with Eric Greitens out of the Missouri governor's office, Republicans in the state now say unseating the Democrat is their No. 1 priority.


  1. Claire will not need much time to defend her short resume.

  2. Defense for what? Being old, senile and stupid? Just go away, Claire.

  3. What record, her one commercial where she talks about something she’s down was almost two years ago

  4. Absolutely ANYBODY but Claire!!!!!

  5. Did you even READ the interview before popping off? It's a very important and reasoned review of politics in America. And the case for working one's way up, rather than airlifting in an "outsider" or newbie to drain the swamp.

    (Remember that, those in Joco who want to replace Congressman Kevin Yoder with one of the six ambitious dwarves/wannabe leaders who have never even led so much as a Scout troop.)

    Claire's best line in the KCUR interview was about flyover country, when Josh Hawley flew over Missouri, from Stanford undergrad enroute to Yale law school, whereas Claire labored as a waitress to put HERSELF thru Mizzou and law school.

    Claire knows her job and does a great job. Deserves to be re-elected. Listens to voters, and works across the aisle, which is SO needed. Aren't you sick of the gotcha divisiveness that gets so little done?

    I happen to have become a Republican--but I still respect my old friend from our days in KCMO in the Women's Political Caucus in the 70's. Fighting for access. And a woman's right to choose.

    And frankly, the Republicans have done a piss poor job of recruiting candidates to oppose Claire McCaskill. The asshat who justified rape? And now Josh Hawley, the privileged child who looked the other way for a year instead of investigating clear fraud by Greitens and his taking advantage of veterans--probably because Greitens paid off Hawley with $50,000 of those funds? Oh ick.

  6. Amusing that Tracy is so willing to castigate others for highlighting McCaskill's faults, just because she somehow feels a solidarity with another middle-aged white woman.

    How do you look past Claire's record of POOR judgment? I'll list just a few examples:
    Married to a drug abuser while serving as JACO prosecutor.
    Multiple instances of not paying her taxes.
    Challenging an incumbent Governor of her own party.
    Financial meddling into the Republican primary race for US Senate.
    Being among the first to endorse Obama in 2008.

    Tracy exemplifies the foolish reasoning peddled by the Clinton campaign in 2016, namely vote for me because I'm a woman!

    Oh, and if you're going to criticize Hawley for "flyover" country, then you sure better be hammering Jason Kander for the same thing! Flew away from Kansas to Washington, D.C. after high school and stayed away for a long time.

  7. Tracey: "Listens to voters and works across the aisle" ? Really, tell me when she has EVER voted for Missourians instead of towing the Democrat party line of Pelosi and Schumer. I don't know whose voters she is listening to nor what aisle she is crossing but her voting record is certainly not why Missouri sent her to Washington! As I said, Anybody but Claire!

  8. she's way too far left to represent missouri voters.

    914 talks as if she's a centrist of good faith who should be supported.


  9. Tracy just shut the hell up, you're starting to be as big of a loser as Claire is.

  10. The point of comments is to add content or commentary ON THE TOPIC, 10:30. Not ad hominem attacks. Did you bother to READ the kcur story that Tony posted?
    Comment on the content.

    9:58, I am just as critical of arrogant Jason Kander. Punk, married to Diana who is brilliant. They imagine themselves as Bill and Hillary. I met Jason when he was installing 3000 illegal yard signs for his father who ran for mayor against Jim Allen, even tho Mr. Steven Kander had never even stepped foot in City Hall. Certain families of wealth are noblesse oblige and just expect to start at the top. They sit around their Louis XVI dining tables and opine.

    Public service is a learned skill. Claire performs her jobs. I admire that she hosts town halls where she is not popular. That takes guts.

    When the Republican party runs a worthy candidate, I will support them.

    I liked that Claire praised Mike Parson, in the article that most commenters here haven't bothered to read. If Parson challenged Claire, I'd support HIM. He has learned the job skills. Most of the newbies have not. Now go read the story and comment on that--contribute to the discussion. And use your real name like a man.

  11. Tracy the fact you MUST respond to every criticism of you shows shallow you really are. When I first started reading your comments I like them. But this time has gone by I find your just another blow hard who likes to hear herself talk and read her own words. The act that you charge to go to your blog site really shows what you think of yourself stay on your side and stay off this one. You had nothing but reminiscences about the old good old days

  12. Guy who reads6/5/18, 12:22 PM

    12:10--aka Anon--we never learned a thang from your tinkles.

    Tracy always leaves new content.

    As for charging to go to her blog sites, just plain wrong. You're not very bright, apparently.

    If it weren't for a handful of folk who sign their work, eg DeBergerac and Super Dave and Tracy, this site would be a circle jerk urinal.

  13. Hey 12:22.. I got you I'm one of these people who could not give two shits about what people think on this blog I just read and jump on the bandwagon and have fun with you all you all are so serious on this blog site rage rage rage. I guess this what it means to be triggered huh? I'll be back y'all you'll read my comments again I don't know who any of you are but I sure have a lot of fun poking fun at you. I do like super Dave and hyperbolical. Tracy just sounds like an old hippie who never got her way now it's a conservative when she's getting close to death LOL see what I just did there? So you have a good day dude or dudette whomever you might be


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