Harsh Times Confront Kansas City NextGen

Quick look at some of tough news involving youngsters, scholars and the local new school . . .Take a look:

Bullet Dodging Teaching Moment

2-year-old grazed by bullet in KCK

Authorities release few details

Gunfire Postscript

Lee's Summit West grad killed in Las Vegas drive-by shooting

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. -- Family of a 2013 Lee's Summit West graduate are left wondering why he was gunned down on a Las Vegas street over the weekend. Raheem Rice, 23, was shot in the back near a house party in the 6100 block of Novelty Drive.

Lockup Life Lesson

KCTV5 Investigation: Parents sue school district after kids handcuffed

A KCTV5 News Investigation brings you disturbing details of multiple lawsuits all filed against the same school district accusing them of bullying children. Families are now demanding they be held accountable for handcuffing their children. The parents agreed to speak with KCTV5 but asked we not use their names, saying their kids have been through enough.

Developing . . .


  1. “Bullet Dodging Teaching Moment”

    Stay away from the coloreds and your chance of getting shot are slim to none!

  2. ^^Stay away from this blog and your chance of having a life goes up 100%

  3. Kid gets bullied. School does nothing. Parents med the kid up to deal with the resulting of anxiety of dealing with bullies and impotent adults in his life.

    Ain't tha America?

  4. 7:35 shut up coprophilia boy


  5. If you knew what goes on, and what kind of people work in the public school system you wouldn't send your kid there! This is not new news, it just wasn't hidden this time!

  6. Re: Lee's Summit kid gunned down in Vegas. Why did this happen? I think I speak for all of TKC when I say, look at his skin color. That's why.

  7. ^^^ Speak ONLY for yourself Wildman @8:11. Because you sound like an asshole.

  8. Heck, he could of stayed home and got shot, screws up the score.

  9. Late at night house party, in the ghetto (doesn't really matter where). Had some beef with another party goer. The utter disrespect for life in that community led to a drive-by murder. No real surprise. You're going to have to help from within in order to solve this problem. There is no amount of outside help from white bureaucrats, black preachers, or money that will stem the tide of black on black ghetto killings.

  10. ^^^ I agree with this assessment.

  11. ^^I agree with the statement that the people on this blog have no lives.


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