Conservative Jack Cashill Uncovers Local 'Bump' On Kansas Highway Funding

Now, it's our theory (backed up with word from Insiders) that Kansas politicos want to put Schlitterbahn out of business in the Sunflower State following a horrific decapitation tragedy . . . Thankfully, the most prolific Conservative author in the KC area did a lot of the leg work and offers some vital REPORTING on the low-key shut down effort.

Take a look:

Media: There's Been a "Bump" Or Three On STAR Bond Highway - The Sentinel

Controversial from the beginning, Kansas STAR Bonds have not done much to alleviate the critics' concerns. As the Topeka Capital Journal's Tim Carpenter observes in a largely positive article about STAR bonds, there has been more than one "bump on the STAR bond highway."


  1. Great quote from Cashill you should highlight TKC:

    The word “bump” does tragic injustice to the fate of Schlitterbahn Park in Kansas City, Kansas. The very public death of a 10-year-old boy on an attraction that was criminally under-tested and under-supervised has left the very future of the park and the STAR Bonds that paid for it in doubt.

  2. Brownback gutted the State highway funds for $3 billion dollars to cover state expenses. That is an absolute undeniable fact.


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