Celebrate Kansas City Preseason Hype Circus

A typical statement of humility from "Fake Gronk" despite his typically dismal playoff performance where the mostly disappears from the offense. Meanwhile, fanboys accept boastful chatter from Kansas City footballers without question despite any meaningful achievement outside of Arrowhead. You decide:

Travis Kelce says Travis Kelce is the best tight end in the NFL

If you took a poll of even casual football fans and asked them who the best tight end was in the NFL, most are going to say that Travis Kelce is among the candidates. If you poll Kelce himself, there's no question he's at the top.


  1. hope the season for the chiefs is more real this year. the winning streak last year seemed ephemeral from the beginning to end.

    also, if the politics are out now, fans will feel a lot better.


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