Celebrate Father's Day FAIL?!?!

Actually, there's always a bit of political blame game associated with the day for dads who once again get shortchanged when it comes to political backlash that's rarely offered to moms . . . Here's a sad example of a card that nobody wants:

Letters of Love: Father's Day cards for dads who lost kids to violence

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Just before Mother's Day, Nikki Comer had a random idea. The mother of two wanted to send Mother's Day cards to strangers -- specifically to those moms who lost children to violence. "I don't want anyone to feel that way, forgotten," she told 41 Action News at the time.


  1. Dear Dad,
    So sorry I can't be there for Fathers Day. I got shot trying to do a drug deal. Damn, I was just getting my life turned aorund. Anyway, I hope you enjoy Fathers Day with a couple of 40's and some good dope, man. Please understand i was just trying to be like you. I even did some time in the same prison as you.
    P.S. Not really sure you're my dad, but Mom thinks there is a chance it might have been you. She did some paternity testing on Maury Povich with about 12 dudes and it wasn't none of them.

  2. ^^Yawn. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. 9:25 that’s some funny shit right there! One problem, kcps kids can’t read or write!

  4. ^^No, that's some dull, uninspired shit right there.

  5. Is 12:33 jelious of the fine prose?


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