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We always try to take it a little slow on Monday and ease into the weekend.

Have to admit this news has us bummed if only because it further ruins one of our favorite bodies of work that's both internationally newsworthy and a testament to fashion culture . . . Checkit:

MirrorUK: Heavily pregnant Candice Swanepoel shows off 'ripe' baby bump in stunning beach bikini photo

Closer to home we're checking these news links that are also worth a peek:

Katie Horner Seyz TAKE COVER From Heat

First Alert Forecast: Extreme heat first, severe storms later

Monday is a First Alert Weather Day. The First Alert Forecast from KMBC 9 Meteorologist Katie Horner calls for extreme heat today with a heat index of 105. Ther...

Foodie Debut This Week

American Fusion Cafe Opens June 14 in North Kansas City

At the new American Fusion Cafe, chef Tito de Dios and Michon de Dios will offer an array of fresh food served fast at value-driven prices. The 6,000-square-foot restaurant opens for lunch on June 14 in Downtown North Kansas City, where many workers seek lunchtime meals during the week.

Losing Royals Still Atop Trends

Kansas City Royals: The Use of Closers in Major League Baseball Today

This could be something new the Kansas City Royals try after trades are all said and done. However, some teams seem to be heading in this direction anyway. The role of a closer is to come in and shut the door in the ninth when the team has the lead, sealing the win.

Celebrate Better JoCo Access

University Of Kansas Health System's Newest Hospital Opens Monday In Overland Park

It's been a busy few months for The University of Kansas Health System, formerly known as The University of Kansas Hospital. Its new $100 million hospital at 107th Street and Nall Avenue in Overland Park opens Monday following two years of construction.

Local Tribute After Lake Tragedy

Spin Pizza in Johnson County to donate 10 percent of Monday's sales to victim of Ozarks boat crash

A fundraiser will be held Monday for a woman still recovering from a deadly boat crash in Lake of the Ozarks. The five Spin Pizza locations in Johnson County on Monday will donate 10 percent of all sales to assist the medical bills of Ashley Lamb.

Important Brookside Ice Cream Reporting The Bloggers Covered FIRST

Brookside shop sells cookie dough that's safe to eat with a spoon

Growing up, Mom always said, don't eat the cookie dough, but at a shop in Brookside, it's okay to dig in. Sweet and Simple is a locally-owned specialty tea and sweet shop that has a unique menu of items. Co-owner Diana Dang saw lots of edible cookie dough businesses while traveling to New York and California.

Kansas City Creative Class Conversations Continue Despite Tech Job Dearth

CreativeMornings KC relaunches with art culture, business focus

Artists are George Brooks ' people, the Crema co-founder and a co-host of the newly relaunched CreativeMornings KC guild said. "I love that CreativeMornings fosters the idea that we can all view our work, hobbies, and life through lenses of creativity," Brooks said.

Rich The Kid - Bring It Back is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. I'd bet that for $25 or $50 Katie would get under the covers with you.

  2. ^^not you though.

  3. Katie Horner rules!!!!

  4. My mother never told us not to eat raw cookie dough. I make cookies when I want to eat cookie dough. The house gets the cookies. They're dead to me after they're baked. My cakes are always about a 1/3-cup lite because that's what I leave to eat in the bowl after they go in the oven. Last night I made molten lava cake. Ate some batter, ate the oozy middle.

    When I met someone who said she NEVER ate cookie dough I thought she was joking but it's apparently a thing. Now it's a business?

    If cookie dough takes me down, I hope it's Oatmeal Scotchies. The best!


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