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Because we always try to ease into Monday . . . Hottie Stef and her pricey water sales pitch inspires notice of a newsworthy national fitness trend . . .

WaPo: Curves and Kardashians - The fitness world’s evolving obsession with perfect glutes

Closer to home, these local links inspire a bit of morning perusal:

Po'Folk Take Cover From Kansas City Heat

Cooling centers open around Kansas City due to soaring temperatures

With temperatures in the 90s and the heat index in the triple digits, libraries and community centers are offering air-conditioned relief from the potentially dangerous heat. The Johnson County Department of Health and Environment recommends people drink more fluids, wear lightweight clothing and stay indoors, if possible.

Fear Kansas City Northland Commute

MoDOT to close another lane on Buck O'Neil Bridge, but only at night

Breaking News Another construction project will affect commutes for people who drive in and out of downtown Kansas City. While repairs continue underneath the southbound lanes of the Buck O'Neil Bridge, the Missouri Department of Transportation is going to need to shut down one of the two northbound lanes for two weeks.

Tragic Weekend Crash Report

Motorcyclist from Kansas City dies in crash

A 43-year old Kansas City Man was killed in an accident in Lafayette County on Saturday afternoon. The Missouri State Highway Patrol says that Robert E. Crowley was attempting to pass a van that was attempting to make a left-hand turn.

Demographics And Destiny

Opinion | Stop Pretending Black Midwesterners Don't Exist

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - I am a black woman born and raised in the space between the coasts and above the Mason-Dixon line. I am a face of the heartland, but you might not know it if you've been following the Trump-era reporting and commentary about the lives and political choices of people in the Midwest.

Summertime Creative Class Tradition Starts
Makers Faire sets the pace for the week in Downtown
More Deets On Great Local Cause

Charity Event to Benefit Kids Living with Autism

All proceeds help local families afford the best available treatment for their kids.

Kansas City Collectables

Kansas City-Area Owner Offers $163M Of Collectibles For Low, Low Price Of $15M

A nondescript building in the Kansas City area is home to something that many in the art world can't believe exists in a Midwest city, according to the man tasked with selling it, according to the Kansas City Business Journal. Original 18th-century engravings by William Hogarth. Photos by pioneering photographer Weegee.

Arcade Fire - Chemistry is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. Just For the Record6/18/18, 9:16 AM

    Just like the NYT to do another fluff story on poor me for being black. Gary Indiana located 25 miles from downtown Chicago is over 80% black. Only 36% of the residents have a high school education. Yes Gary has turned into a slum but nobody knows why. Their murder rate runs at just less than 50 a year but the population is just 1/6th of what Kansas City is. So why is Gary Indiana such a dump to live in with it's poverty rate of 35%?

  2. ^^I don't know! Stop asking dumb questions. Go find something better tod do! Loser!

  3. ^^^^^^^^Hey loser, learn simple english and spelling if you're going to make retarded statements.

  4. Black people bad. White people good. See, racism is so simple, even a moron can do it.

  5. @9:52 Did you mean English as opposed to english? Learn simple English and spelling if you're going to make retarded statements. You fucking idiot!

  6. Actually, Makers Faire will never be the largest event of invention and creativity.
    That prize locally goes to Hernandez pr flacking at KCMO city hall.
    Second place? The streetcar "authority".
    Next up? The visitor clowns claiming 25 million tourists a year.
    And then, pretty much any "reporting" done by the Star.
    Competition for outright BS locally is really fierce.

  7. ^^Boring. Yawn. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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