Amazon HQ2 Would've KILLED Kansas City

Low pay and even closer proximity to this retail destroyer might've brought about the doom of even more jobs. Here's the explanation:

Kansas City Dodged the #HQ2 Bullet

Richard Florida is an urban studies theorist who promoted the idea that the creative class would drive urban renewal and that smart cities should cater to them. He was wrong, and he admits it. But not before cities like Kansas City, Missouri jumped on board and spent "probably in excess of a billion" dollars trying to create a hipster paradise downtown.


  1. It’s going so well right now....

  2. They weren’t coming here anyway so this story is just sLIE trying to save face

    1. So Sly now writes for the show me institute huh?

  3. ^^^ +100 ABSOLUTELY CORRECT @8:53.

  4. Its come to this, big business is in the extortion business

  5. Richard Flrodia was wrong and now he admits it.
    So all HE has to do is to write another book with his latest idea, hit the road on the lucrative lecture circuit again, and continue to peddle the latest "urban futurist" crap to the gullible clowns around the country.
    His is a perpetual motion machine.
    Unfortunately, the clueless electeds around the country, like those right here in KCMO, who bought all his last crap and have dug their communities into hundreds of million of debt to implement Florida's last dreams, like a streetcar, have burdened their taxpayers many decades into the future.
    Florida's future is bright an prosperous.
    His "buyers'" futures?
    Not so much.
    Which shell is the pea under today?

  6. The mistake Kansas City made in building the "Hipster's Paradise" Downtown was that we forgot that eventually Hipsters grow up and move on into the Real World.

    What we should have done was build a "Right-Wingnuts Paradise" for Tuohey and the other denizens of the Show Me Institute, they never will grow up and move into the Real World.

  7. At least Amazon got Slie to buy 1000 toys, using the taxpayers money, so Go4KC would have something to play with.

  8. Man, just like Clay Chastain, I agree with many of Tuhoey's talking points, but he sure is wearing thin. Just a constant barrage of f-this, f-that, it all sucks (in non pedestrian terms). Makes me wonder if the dude has ever just sat down and said, you know what? I like this or that? I doubt he's ever simply been content.


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