$132K Overland Park Youngster Statue Groping Dispute Earns National Spotlight

Even more coverage of a local controversy that continues to garner notoriety . . . Special thanks to TKC readers who forwarded this one along. Here's the best round-up so far:

Parents face $132,000 claim after kid knocks over sculpture

Parents of a 5-year-old Kansas boy were hit with a $132,000 bill after their son knocked over an art sculpture on display at a local community center. Surveillance video captured the little boy reaching for the sculpture, called "Aphrodite di Kansas City" on display in the lobby of the Tomahawk Ridge Community Center in Overland Park, Kansas, when it toppled over.


  1. That "artist" would be lucky to get some rube to pay $132 for that hideous piece of "art." If that craptastic piece was worth that much money, it should have had a barricade around it with a guard posted. The parents have a good case to refuse payment.

  2. Keep your kid under control, bitch.

  3. You mean that Buster busted that busty Bust?

  4. Damn Them Redlegs!6/17/18, 5:48 AM

    If it was "Aphrodite di Kansas City", what the hell was it doing on Overland Park?
    Sheesh, those damn Kansans steal everything!

    Should have called it "Overhypia di Overland Park"
    or "Venus di Grain Sorghum"!

  5. First, They need to fire the idiot that bought that thing, second, who was the moron that put it out in the open unprotected and third, they’re lucky that kid didn’t get seriously hurt.

  6. Great way to sell your high-priced art-- Leave it unsecured in a public place, wait until someone breaks it, and then send them a bill. Brilliant!!

  7. The video on the news is BS. A longer video shows 2 kids running loose n wild without any supervision for over 2 minutes, this one is mostly on the parents.

  8. no exhibit insurance?

  9. One. Exhibit should have been staged differently in an area that frequently has children. Two. 5 year old boys have to be watched like a hawk.

    I think it's a wash.

  10. I watched the video and it seems to me the mother was not adequately watching her child. It also puzzles me how this "Piece of Art" could be exhibited like it was. Also how in the world can an "artist" put such an insane value on such an ugly "Piece of Art"? Surely some appraiser would have to determine the true value. And how would Overland Park agree to exhibit this POA at this value without the artist having insurance to cover this POS, sorry typo, POA?
    I agree the kid did the damage and the mom was not watching the kid but any public owned space has to either carry insurance or have an insurance certificate on file from the owner before not requiring it be behind glass or some form of security. Surely OP is not that stupid.
    This is the artists cash grab.

  11. Ultimately the dispute will come down to insurance company vs. insurance company. It will be settled, the news media will not follow up and the public will eventually forget it ever happened. So: it's interesting for the moment but nothing to get worked up about.


    Good point, 8:23.

    And, maybe the little guy sustained injuries--physical, and/or otherwise. That serious hit he took to his face could have caused a life altering debilitation. Thorough exams might reveal need for more than one category of extensive therapies. This traumatic event quite likely brought on a list of afflictions for the unfortunate young boy,including but not limited to, the following:

    1. Slipshod, Unsecured Sculpture Skin Scraper-itis

    2. F'ugly Art Falling From Flimsy Foundation Phobia

    3. Bigly Buttheaded Board Members Bummed Out On Buying A Case For Breakable Bust-itis.

    4. Pedestal Perched Art Piece Impeding Lil' Kids Play Zone-nervosa.

    4. Rude Demand For Reimbursement While Remiss About Boy's Well-Being-osis.

    5. Wicked Can O' WhoopAss On Whitey Wee One's Parents' Wallets Disorder.

    6. Betcha A Black Boy's Babymama's Letter Would Be Big Bucks Buy For A Quick, Quiet Settlement-itis.

  13. this country fucking sucks

    what a piece of shit

    any reaction to that thing other than laughter would be insane

    parents should counter sue this shitville for a million bucks--but even though the insurance co. had to send notice and they can make a solid claim that there was no economic damage and tell this "artist" to fuck completely off, they're still out thousands of dollars in "fees" and a bunch of fuckfaced lawyers are the only winners

    amerika is nothing but a vindictive self-hating shithole

    if he'd knocked over a confederate statute they'd have given him a reward

  14. We have race cards being played her and there now we have Artists cards, who knew. Story would be different if the kid was a under privalged urban diversity poster child.

  15. The longer video shows an employee walking through the area. She never looked up from her phone. I think that is going to hurt the Center's case.

    The video makes it look like they were being rowdy but those women in the seating area never looked up at them. Indeed, they were slow to move even after the thing fell.

    And, yes, he was definitely trying to touch her boobie. lol

  16. Some funny stuff posted here.

    However, the real problem is today's parents not teaching their spoiled kids to leave things, that are not theirs, the Hell Alone.

    But then they might not get a participation trophy!!!!!!!

  17. What no barrier around the art work ? Poor management led to this . No security what is going on ?

  18. Where are the slimy insurance company's on this ? That heavy piece of unsecured crap could have killed that kid. The parents should file a counter suit.

  19. was this staged?

  20. It's like this folks, if I have a collectables glass statue shop where I sell items made from glass and you drag your kid in there and they decide to climb up a display and pull off a nice vase because it has monkeys on the side and they want to play with it but in doing so they pull the whole display over on themselves. In the end all the broken items were listed for sale at well over 50k are now broken and can't be repaired and sold because who wants something that has been repaired and isn't worth anything.

    Now the parent with any common sense at all knows they are in an area with nice things some costing lots of money. As a parent you know how your children will behave before you even bring them into any public place such as that. If you can't control them and not have them touching or grabbing everything in site then you have to either leave them at home or hold their little hands the whole time telling them why they don't touch.

    In short you don't turn a bull loose in a china shop and if a farmers bull gets loose in a china shop the farmer is the one who pays for the damage. Saying the shop owner is at fault for not having extra heavy metal gates to keep the bull out is displaying stupidity at best.

    I like going places and seeing nice things on display including community centers and I don't like parents who feel that no matter where they go their children are allowed to act like wild bulls. I wasn't raised that way and nor were my kids. It's called behaving in public and learning not to touch that which isn't yours without first asking or in the process of buying.

    People need to show respect when in public and teach their children the same things while being responsible for their children's behavior in public.

  21. I agree that kids should be supervised in your "Glass At Store" Super Dave, but what the f**k is "Glass Art" doing in a Community Center?
    (Emphasis on the word Community!)

    I agree that the Mother isn't helping things by copping an attitude, and obviously the adequacy of her supervision can be questioned, but some blame needs to go to the dumbass who allowed an "Art (???) Work" of such "High (???) Value" to be placed in such a vulnerable location, and more blame should go to whoever signed a contract with the sleazy Insurance Company! How that Insurer's name gets out so policyholders can start cancelling in doves before they actually need some coverage.

  22. Mister Rogers6/17/18, 6:07 PM

    Deeply sorry the little sonofabitch was uninjured.

  23. Something that (supposedly) valuable should not have been on display in a public place, unguarded and unprotected. Period. End of story.


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