Young Turks Consider Meth Town Lesson In Zero Tolerance For Graduation Pranks

Internets silliness offered a local student an important lesson in legal debate and a media firestorm.

The aftermath:

Fox4KC: With no cap and gown, Independence prankster banned from graduation celebrates with family

However, the most prominent pundits on Youtube offered their consideration as well:

You decide . . .


  1. For such pathetically ineffective institutions, high schools take themselves way too seriously. The kid's fake ad may have bruised Truman HS's ever so fragile dignity, but it was otherwise silly but harmless.

  2. 931 is right. the school looked overly stern and serious from a pr point of view.

    the kid won bigly.

  3. Harry Truman would have probably got a laugh out of the joke.

  4. This kid is 10 times the adult that those pussy, safe-space, old lady administrators are.

  5. Our PC culture has gone waaayyy over the top to the point of ridiculous. My interpretation of the "loss of students" refers to those who were graduating ... duh!!


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