Will You Take A Chance On Schlitterbahn???

The place is half-closed and the shadow of death still looms over the park . . . Check the latest news about a ghost of a good time:

Kansas City, Kan. water park to open 6 rides, close others

A Kansas water park where a boy died on a waterslide in 2016 says it will open for its season Friday operating six attractions while keeping another 11 rides closed following a state audit.


  1. Living is easy this summer at the Shitterbomb.....yawn.

  2. Not a chance. I heard their official statement yesterday saying no park passes all of the inspections and they expect patrons to use their best judgement about the safety of each ride. That would be so lol but for the decapitated boy.

  3. I would go with Ann Murguia if she wore a bikini

  4. ^^except and this is key here nerd...she wouldn't be caught dead with you!

    1. Why not? She gets drunk and gets it on with everyone alse.

  5. Little Lobster5/25/18, 7:43 AM

    I have already purchased Tickets for KCMO Mayor SLY JAMES,, tho I was required to purchases 2 tickets, because of his FAT ASS,,,,

    as well as the rest of city Hall toads as well.

    Get ready ready for BREAKING NEWS Bulletin

    KCMO Mayor goes flying off Shitterbaugn water Slide and gets De'capatated !!!

    Water turned Red , awful scene by citizens rejoiced :)


  6. No Thank You

  7. As the song sez, "Got along without you before I met you, gonna get along without you now...so long, bye bye, gonna get along without you now."

  8. why would anyone have confidence in anything going on there?

  9. Water parks in general are teeming with filth, germs, and scummy people. Nobody actually showers before going into the pools. Chlorine can only do so much. Oceans of Fun and Schlitterbahn attract the same type of people. You're better off staying home and playing in the hose.

  10. Real danger is when a helmet won't help.

  11. Up yours Tracy you stupid hateful bitch. I like the water park and want to have the choice to go there if I want to and not have some twat like you telling me it has to go. You have never been there so STFU you have no clue what you are talking about.


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