Will Plaza III Work At JoCo Strip Mall???

A question we believe deserves consideration as Country Club luxury gets downsized and moved to suburban desolation.

Take a look:

Plaza III will reopen in Overland Park - Kansas City Business Journal

One of America's best steakhouses, Plaza III, is reopening in Overland Park. The steakhouse staple opened in 1963 on the Country Club Plaza at 4749 Pennsylvania Ave. but closed that location in March. A health-driven restaurant, True Food Kitchen, now is slated to take that spot and will open early next year.


  1. Good for them but the worthless coloreds will go there to run them out of there too

  2. Don't blame them for leaving the crime ridden hell hole.

  3. Buck Hound De' Pimp5/27/18, 7:53 AM

    Yaaaaa we need some good STRIP CLUBS , Hell Ya !!!!

    I'm all for it :)

    it did mention STRIP MALL didn't it ?????

    isn't that what a STRIP MALL is where chick go in and Strip ???

    sounds like FUN !!!

  4. Used to find a good steak5/27/18, 9:08 AM

    What are they going to call it, the "Metcalf IV Steakhouse"?
    The Haddad's penny-pinching has turned all of the Winstead's into filthy out-of-date shitholes, how long can this "New Economy-sized Version" of the Plaza III last?

  5. 9:08 in my honest opinion sums it all up. I think the only way Plaza III will change is with new ownership willing to operate an award winning restaurant serving top quality meals. Nabil Haddad has proved in the past he doesn't appear to have the ability to do such.

  6. @9:08 states "The Haddad's penny-pinching has turned all of the Winstead's into filthy out-of-date shitholes." This pretty much describes any business owned by people from India regardless if they are restaurants, hotels, or convenient stores, and gas stations.

  7. Plaza III in OP?

    They will need to spend a small fortune to educate customers where they relocated and it will still be a joke.

    Where are they?

  8. @4:00, they're going to be in one of those crappy little strip malls that line the east side of Metcalf, I think this one is called "Metcalf 127", located between 125th & 127th.

    It's where House Of Denmark moved to before they crashed and burned, there's a Minsky's Pizza and some sort of Korean Restaurant in there too, I think.

    If I'm thinking of the right place you can get a Massage and some Acupuncture to go along with your "Prime Selection of Well-Aged Beef".

  9. ^^^ LOL! Nice one!

  10. Good one on the name, 9:08. IMO, OP just doesn't have the panache of the Plahzah. Strip mall? How bourgeois. Although J. Gilbert's is in a strip center ...

  11. I don't think the Haddad's are Indian, 3:16. More like Middle Eastern. Oh and, btw, nice prejudice.


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