While She Was Sleeping: Hipster Crooks Steal Northland Kansas City Lady's Luxury SUV

Tech captures more crime on the nice side of the bridge and among the middle-class armed with guns and preying upon each other.

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KCTV5: Caught on camera: Strangers break into Kansas City woman's home, steal Range Rover


A woman’s home security cameras captured two strangers breaking into her home while she was sleeping upstairs.

They stole her keys from her house near Zona Rosa in Kansas City and took off in her Range Rover. She is still shaken up that two armed men where inside her home feet away from where she was asleep.

In the video, it appears one of the suspects is sliding a gun back into his pocket. He and another suspect can be seen trying to conceal their faces and used a light to snoop around the victim’s home around 3 a.m. on Wednesday morning.

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  1. More diversity infiltration ?

  2. The good news is that Range Rover will probably break down soon and these crooks will be busted trying to take it into the dealer for warranty coverage.

  3. Spent all her money on the wheels. There's no furniture in that house.

  4. Well, of course they took the car. There wasn't anything else to steal. Who lives in an empty house?

  5. Classic example of someone trying to impress people into thinking they have money by where they live and what they drive when the real truth is they probably can't afford either.

  6. ^^and you know this how dipshit? Personal experience?

  7. ^^^^look it's the TKC post on ever story hater

  8. ^^what's an "ever story"? Dumbass.

  9. Any "real" car guy knows Range Rovers are garbage that will spend more time in the shop than your driveway but hey, they cost a shit ton, so it says "I have some money".

  10. She knows these people.


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