A brilliant suggestion from the best and brightest among our blog community . . . If you haven't read it yet, check a report reveal shocking deets about an employment debate confronting the biggest retailer on the Internets. But first, here's the money line:

"In Kansas, where Amazon isn’t even among the top 50 largest employers, it still ranked 17th for the number of employees using SNAP at the beginning of this year."

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Amazon Gets Tax Breaks While Its Employees Rely on Food Stamps, New Data Shows

Later this year, Amazon will begin accepting grocery orders from customers using the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, the federal anti-poverty program formerly known as food stamps. As the nation's largest e-commerce grocer, Amazon stands to profit more than any other retailer when the $70 billion program goes online after an initial eight-state pilot.


  1. presumably this is what the legislators of the law wanted. if it's not, they should change it.

    amazon is simply operating as an honest actor in the status quo.

  2. This more likely reflects the high number of working people who are also scamming the system by drawing SNAP assistance in one State while working in another.

    The practice has been going on for decades on both sides of the State Line in this area.

  3. How does one really know what figures to believe anymore that is thrown out there by MM?

    Welfare abuse probably started two minutes after the first application was filled out.

    I see this story more as a smear piece on Amazon. How many Price Chopper employees or say Hen House, HyVee employees receiving SNAP assistance? Before I accept this ranking be interesting to see other areas of employment grouped together as in grocery stores, restaurants, health services and the like.

  4. And by Race, Super Dave- don't forget analysis by race.

  5. This is the society politicians want. We all work to pay taxes so that it can be given back to our employers. We now even subsidize their wages because they don't pay their employees enough to afford food.

  6. AMAZON SUCKS5/28/18, 4:35 PM

    AMAZONS Jeff Bezo's is a FRAUD !!!

    Amazon Sucks

    go see the YOU TUBE Videos people are making speaking out about being ripped off by Amazon as well as the sellers !!!

  7. Amazon abuses the US MAIL too. Corporate welfare is an Amazon business model.


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