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Transit Talk

There's been a lot of back and forth about various forms of transit in this Cowtown, and this critically-thinking news-dog thinks some sunshine needs to be brought to the proceedings. First off, the toy-train streetcar folks continue to talk expansion despite a successful ballot initiative last August stating that any future expansion had to be placed on a public referendum for all the citizens of the city to vote on.


  1. Great column.

    Very insightful about the what's really happening in Kansas City. Wish we had this kind of commentary from the daily newspaper.

    1. ^^^ Never happen, DNC talking points don't cover local issues.

  2. If you don't read the whole column, this part is the MONEY5/23/18, 7:25 AM

    While all this ballot-rigging and gerrymandering of Transportation Development District’s is going on, the folks over at BikewalkKC are attempting to strong-arm residents into creating more bike lanes along area streets and boulevards. One such plan currently being debated under the auspice of the Complete Streets ordinance is a proposal that would make parking along one side of Gladstone Boulevard illegal, just so the tights wearing cyclists can have a place to ride, ostensibly in safety. These are the same people that blow stoplights and stop signs while us motorists have to sit and wait. They’re also the same arrogant road hogs who regularly clog traffic by riding three or four abreast in their lane, creating a huge headache for the unfortunate drivers unlucky enough to be behind their slow-moving, albeit colorful scrum.

  3. I can't wait until the know-nothing geezers get a hold of this "interesting" topic. Boy, the insight that will be delivered on this will be fascinating. Simply fascinating. Real talk from terrific TKC insiders on the way! Oh boy!

    1. KC Confucius5/23/18, 7:29 AM

      Don't be a troll. Lead by example and come up with some good commentary or share your feelings. Don't just hate on people for being nasty and then become nasty your self.

      Also, man who drop watch in toilet have crappy time

  4. The real question is why so many "leaders" in this burg continue to be "strong armed" by one little special interest group or another.
    How about reaching down inside, maybe not even too deep, and finding the guts to represent the public and say NO to these folks?ld their breaths until their kickstands fall off?
    What are they threatening to do? Ho
    You might be amazed at the result.
    And the taxpayers would not only be shocked, but tremendously grateful.

  5. Tunnel Vision Progressive5/23/18, 7:50 AM

    An interesting part that verifies everything TKC commenters have stated all along.

    "Keep in mind the same city Law Department that approved the ballot language for last August’s expansion vote is the same Law Department that said the referendum should be overturned because the ballot language their department approved was flawed. Let that sink in for a minute. This isn’t the first time city government changed the rules to suit their agendas and their taxpayer-funded legacy projects."

    It is just Team Sly, laughing at taxpayers & voters.

  6. ^^@7:50AM Yes, yes of course. Absolutely correct and just the most on point analysis of this very interesting topic. You have managed to tunnel down get to the heart of this complex issue. I mean this is some of the most cutting edge analysis we have ever been privileged to read. Your cracker-jack conclusions give us all hope for humanity. Except, and this is key here, you're a nobody posting on third-rate blog for geriatrics who do do nothing all day. So bravo old chap! Bravo!

  7. Basement boy, time to go eat your cereal. Come back later and hyou can make some more stupid comments.

  8. KC would be money and technologically ahead by spending their transportation money on facilitating the infrastructure needed to accommodate the autonomous cabs that are coming in the next 5 years. Why spend time and money on an antiquated form of transportation that requires tracks ? Bus lines would be a better investment than trains. Use the old Harley building as a autonomous car research lab, welcoming the big 3, Yahoo, Google and Tesla to use Kansas City as a test bed. The future will not run on tracks.


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