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To wit . . .


Feel free to share your own faves but here's where we begin to tally the real damage of hookups gone wrong . . . 

The Winners

The Cuck Strikes Back

Dark money is a red herring and something that "journalists" are using to make themselves sound smart to the few dozen people who watch their chat-shows or listen to their lame-ass podcasts.

The political downfall of the Missouri Guv didn't start until some poor soul was willing to share his marital humiliation with the world.

In a nearly biblical twist of fate, the adulterous conquest of Eric Greitens facilitated his inevitable downfall as Governor.

The voting public harbors little interest in campaign finance or the many barely legal schemes dreamed up by politicos to hide corporate money. It was the sordid sexual proclivities Greitens was forced to admit which tarnished his clean-cut and "holier than thou" image and ultimately started his political demise.

AG Hawley On The Right Side Of History

He took heat for taking a side against the seemingly popular Republican Governor and now he stands VINDICATED for his willingness to listen and consider the testimony of a woman who talked about abuse. At the outset of election season, this tragic episode in Missouri history reveals AG Hawley's willingness to take a principled stand regardless of partisan politics.


The newspapers in Missouri proved mostly irrelevant in bringing this scandal to readers. KMOV took a huge chance and published the cuckold Guv adultery story FIRST, setting into motion a historic political downfall as newspapers once again proved unwilling or unable to move the story forward in any significant manner.  

The Losers

Sen. Claire McCaskill Lost Legitimate Gripe

Identity politics isn't going to work for this politico who is also having a hard time getting Black people to like her. The sexism gambit isn't going to be easy to play against AG Hawley after he was among the first to speak out against Guv Greitens. Several pages have been torn out of her winning playbook thanks to the way this scandal unfolded and despite national MSM hoping to spin the situation to her advantage.

Preview Of Prez Trump Trouble???

Like Prez Trump, the former Navy SEAL was also a former Democratic Party voter and newcomer to elected office. MSM newsies are hammering away at the similarities without mentioning that our Prez at least, reputedly, has the decency to pay pr0nstars for the pleasure of their company and he is reportedly a far more gentle lover who allegedly forgoes the limited protection of condoms in order to make a deeper (rawdog) connection with his lady friends. (Ew.)

Show-Me Impotent Missouri Right-Wing Keyboard Warriors

So many keystrokes were wasted on a Governor who couldn't even maintain a commitment to his wife. Despite an unwinnable political battle - Social media gurus, hired consultants and a litany of ultra-right Internets tough guys couldn't do much to sway public opinion IN A RED STATE NO LESS.

Bright side perspective . . .

The power of Russian bots and "fake news" is often overestimated by losers and Hillaristas. Sometimes voters are smarter than they seem and no amount of propaganda can sway their instincts.

Nevertheless, in defense of the outgoing Guv, so many hardcore right-wing Conservatives promoted outright racism against the incompetent STL Prosecutor, cast billionaire George Soros as the boogeyman behind the drama, engaged in the callous slut-shaming of an alleged victim of the Guv then turned on Republican colleagues in order to attempt to bully their way out of an unwinnable hot mess.

Obviously it didn't work and the once formidable right-wing online tough guys who seemingly swept Eric Greitens into office weren't able to resell Missouri voters the turd that was his administration which has been thankfully flushed down the toilet bowl of history.

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Fox2 Now: AG Hawley says Gov. Eric Greitens “has done the right thing”

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You decide . . .


  1. Don't negate the dark money connection. Notice that's when things got really serious, that's when he actually resigned. Following the money, just like Al Capone is where the Governor dropped her bravado and got real.

    1. That car confession was painful. Even the most hardcore alt-right guy would give Obama another term in order to save themselves from going through that humiliation.

    2. Also count Koster as a huge loser. Remember him. He actually lost to this guy and his people couldn't find this scandal and use it to their advantage.

  2. The damage was mostly limited to Governor Greitens. As for Hawley, I think he might have taken more of a hit than you realize. There are many people who now see him as a Benedict Arnold and that could hurt him down the line when it comes to rallying support.

    Trump doesn't take any flack from this at all. I noticed the Governor trying to make that connection to him but those guys were smart enough to stay far, far away. Don't forget that Pence didn't even want to stand next to him when he was in Missouri.

    1. K.S. wins too. if she times it right she could get a spot on Ellen and a book deal. Beats cutting hair for the rest of her life. Now she can be an "advocate" for women.

  3. Grietens has a dynamite career in gay porn, if he will just "think outside the box" to speak.

  4. brownback resigns in 2018 and now Grietens resigns in 2018.

    Good going lame Republicans! Making Kansas & Missouri proud?

    I don't think so.

  5. ^^^^^

    8:10 I think what you really mean to say is good going lame Democrats you played dirty and won.

    Taking America down? Yes you are!

    Oh and Brownback resigned to take a better Job IDIOT!

  6. The real losers are the taxpayers since they foot a large part of the bill with their tax dollars.

  7. Thanks for aggregating all the news stories, Tony.

    As for losers, you forgot the Missouri taxpayers, who foot the bill for $4 million in legal fees to a HANDFUL of lawyers.

    I guess that makes those loser lawyers winners--at least for six months.

    If Greitens had been forced to pay his onw legal fees, he would have likely resigned earlier.

    Let's not forget, he majored in ethics in college. He deserves an F. Cheated on his wife...while she was in hospital giving birth. Cheated on his donor list with the dark money, which will hopefully be revealed in a subsequent investigation. Ripped off his charity...and the veterans.

    Biggest loser: Eric Greitens and his wife and kids. He is still delusional.

    And remember, in his statement yesterday, he did not deny guilt. He just said he had done nothing that deserved all this attention! That is a classic sociopath and narcissist for you.

    He's gonna try and spin a new web of deceit in today's statement.

    As the experts are saying, his dark money campaign contribution violations are so serious, people can go to jail for that.

    But like OJ Simpson, even if not immediately, he still lost what was most important to him--his grand scheme to be important and a hero in the eyes of the general public. Karma is coming round. After OJ was not convicted in the criminal trial, and just the civil one, he could not even go into a fine restaurant without being booed and scorned by families. He was disrespected. I predict the same shaming will face Greitens.

    Can you imagine him taking Sheena and the boys into a nice restaurant now? Everyone would stare, and feel sorry for her and the boys, and be reminded of how Eric dragged his family into this BY HIS OWN ACTIONS. Including the campaign finance shenanigans.

    Sheena is a loser until she leaves this creep. And changes her name. She's been in Florida, with the boys. There's not a school or college in the US where the Greitens boys won't be bullied.

    1. TKC how many times have posted something on this old woman's two bit bolg ?

  8. "Sometimes voters are smarter than they seem and no amount of propaganda can sway their instincts."

    Sometimes... , but rarely.

  9. Tony's chums at the Show-Me Institute look like big losers.

    Oh, wait. They already were.

  10. The losers have been, are now, and always will be the denizens of this shitty little blog. Kick-ass TKC insiders!

  11. I always wonder what type of job Grieten will get after he is done with being Governor. Obviously he has bills like most everyone. (Exception: Basement boy)

  12. The scum-governor Grieten’s ego dragged this out way too long.
    Our $’s again wasted and the state’s rep( muder capital) further demised.

  13. to be clinical, the only importance of this is that it makes it impossible for claire to feign running against greitens. without him or akin, she'll lose.

  14. GoodBy to the guy with the little gun. Never a Seal only a smelly dead fish.

  15. @9:25, and yet, here you are...

  16. Feel like a man now, @11:19?
    Snarking and insulting a woman give you the delusion of masculinity?
    At least Tracy can and does write on topic in coherent sentences.
    As far as skeletons in the closet, you have plenty down there in Mommy's Basement yourself, lardass.

    As far as looking in a mirror, fool, don't do it!
    Depression can be a bitch, or in your case the offspring thereof.

    1. All I can say I act and talk like a man get treated like a man I act and talk like a lady you get treated as a lady.

  17. Check this out--

    Good article and reality from Gov. friends in arms. Seals talking about Seals

  18. @ 11:37, can you translate that into English?
    Now all of us can read @H&*^%GG*ian.

  19. "... a litany of ultra-right Internets tough guys..."

    Why are you throwing your favorite denizens under the bus?

    You give these assholes a forum & then ...

  20. 11:37 stop sucking Tracy's imaginary cock. She has her own blog to trash talk Greitens on but she does not do so dailey like she does here. Last two stories she has done gathered her no comments and probably what few readers she has she would lose if she acted on her blog like she does here. She is just a sad old Jew with a mouth most wish would just stay closed.

  21. Tony, you need to be more forgiving of the President's propensity for unprotected sex... I looked condoms up online, and they only come as small as XXXS, and those are "special order", so what's he going to do?
    Grow a pair of bigger Hands?

  22. How about quitting the personal attacks on each other, faggots?

  23. @ 1:27, I agree Tracy should stop attacking people the way she is.

  24. I agree, the losers are everybody who keeps posting on here. Especially the ones who are preternaturally saying "you're on here too!" not realizing that they are indicting themselves with said reference. Well, no shit! Dumb ass!

  25. It appears the only thing from closing out this chapter is mean jean, she actually said nobody came to her to make a deal! Now that’s funny right there!

  26. So, your bisexual then! Lmao!

  27. Greitens blinked.

  28. I still think the whore will end up becoming famous and rich off this. Rich for a whore anyway.

  29. OK but..the biggest losers are still TKC commentators.

  30. Rage against the cuck?5/30/18, 5:51 PM

    ^^^^ of which we all are.


  31. ^^^^Sigh. Just once I wish someone would refrain from the retards lament. Alas, it’s not to be. Maybe next time....sigh.

  32. Tracy is right!
    Greitens is delusional. Or he deserves an Academy Award for acting when he said others “made this happen to inflict maximum pain”.
    Greitens seems to forget about the man in the mirror... who is a coward of the worst kind.
    He is scared to talk to reporters, committees, law enforcers.
    I am not aware of a Fortune 500 company that would hire him.
    But there is one job he could get should he survive prison- he could be a clown. He has the face and the background.
    As more investigators investigate investigations- we have only seen the beginning of the end.

  33. Tracy is spot on!
    Missourians need his Wikipedia updated.
    Suggestions for titles? Examples accepted:

    1. How I blew my chances
    2. Eric Greitens (pardon Toby Tyler) or 10 Weeks with the Circus
    3. A DJ and a BJ and a got caught.
    4. How a DJ Took me down.
    5. How I re-defined #MoleG
    6. I am not a mole, turncoat, RINO. I am an ex-Democrat.
    7. How I helped drain the swamp
    8. I will not resign- I will resign
    9. I hate lobbyists / I love lobbyists
    10. I will weed out corruption ( I just resigned)
    Bonus: I hate dark money I love dark money.


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