Friday, May 11, 2018


A horrific report on the decrepit conditions of the Jackson County Jail was released this afternoon.

Check the roundup:

Fox4: The jury says the county executive’s chief of staff was condescending of the jury’s review of the jail. According to the report, the chief of staff said he was worried some county residents would make “sweeping statements and large decisions” about issues that are “messy” and “complicated.”
KMBC: 74-page report highlights dirty living spaces, struggles to supervise inmates

KSHB: A recent five-year, $120 million project at the jail still left one national expert describing the jail as “one of the worst correctional institutions.”

KCUR: Grand Jury: Time For Action On Crumbling Jackson County Jail Has Long Passed

Check out the report available online at the County prosecutor's website.

Even better, tonight TV news is sharing pix from the report and a lot of images of "caked feces" during dinner time!!!

However, recent reaction following the release of the report is even more noteworthy because it reveals a battle royale betwixt the two politicos at the center of this drama.


Here's the word as local newsies struggle to keep up with this evolving story, we've highlighted the most important passage:

Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr. has issued the following statement in response to the report:

“Jackson County is committed to providing a safe and secure facility for inmates, staff and the entire community. Under the leadership of new Director Diana Turner, the County continues to make significant improvements to the existing facilities and operations. The County strongly disagrees with many characterizations as presented by the Prosecuting Attorney, but we will use this report, as we have with every other opportunity, to grow and better our facilities and operations for this community.

The Prosecuting Attorney is using this report as a political opportunity to point out decades-old problems of deferred maintenance and attribute them to the current administration. Therefore, the County is disappointed with the conclusions reached by the Prosecuting Attorney.

The Prosecuting Attorney’s report appears to be the product of both misinformation and a strong desire to incarcerate more people pre-trial. Widespread issues regarding facility conditions, staff retention and overcrowding persist at detention facilities nationwide. However, issuing redundant reports and finger pointing is not a solution.

Additionally, the factually accurate portions of the Prosecuting Attorney’s report are largely regurgitated from prior evaluations and have been addressed or are in the process of being fixed.

On November 27, 2017, the Prosecuting Attorney sent a letter to me, which stated, in part, ‘Spending more time to further study the overcrowded and unsafe conditions at the detention center is simply inappropriate.’

It is interesting to note that the Prosecuting Attorney’s study of the Department of Corrections was ongoing at the time she made the statement and she continued that study for months after she released the statement above. In addition, while refusing to participate in an open process that involved the community, the Prosecuting Attorney chose to conduct a secretive process where her staff controlled the process and wrote the report.

The problems faced by the County’s detention facilities will require the concerted action of everyone if we are to create sustainable change. These are complex issues and the Department of Corrections initiatives will continue to be evaluated and modified over time, as necessary, to achieve our objectives. We remain deeply committed to leading the efforts to address these problems plaguing facilities across the country.”

This is a tough one and so we ask for the advice of our blog community in this ongoing debate . . .


You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Kansas City going down the tubes.

Greedo said...

For the good of the county they need to get their heads together and talk about building a new location. The current building isn't going to work. It's time for a new jail outside of downtown.

Anonymous said...

Jean is doing the right thing and she is offering solutions.

Look closely at Frank's reply. He is denying the whole situation and talking about letting more violent offenders out of the streets.

I trust Jean a lot more on this one.

Anonymous said...

The report is all true and then some. I've been inside of that jail. It's horrifying and nothing gets done but the cover-up.

US Marshall said...


Here is the 2014 - 7 part investigation into Jean Peters Baker and her office !

YOU have to click on the TOP header to read all 7 parts into how Jax County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker and her "Criminal Coddling" Liberal Agenda has killed many in Kansas City !!

Take the time to read it, I urge you !!!

LINK : Getting Off Easy in Kansas City Missouri

Ladies & gentlemen said...

^^^ Caleb using his phone on his way to a nice weekend in his big truck.

Anonymous said...

What frank is really trying to do make this into a black vs white thang

Anonymous said...

Too bad Jean Petersucker Baker is not as aggressive prosecuting murderers. Unless they happen to be white. Jean Petersucker Baker is worthless

Anonymous said...

Hard-hitting "political" fighting like this has to remind you of an election for school class president...
Any chance of spending some time on serious, effective, responsible, and accountable government that benefits the residents and taxpayers in at least some way?
Self-absorbed amateurs.

Anonymous said...

Why didn’t the Grand Jury indict Frank and Caleb for mismanagement and endangering public safety? They both need to go and maybe a few nights in the jail would be enough to get them out of Jackson County. Frank & Caleb are the most incompetent leadership team the county has seen. Lock’um Up!!

Super Dave said...

Frank just can't be a man and handle the truth.

Anonymous said...

Frank White is a real piece of shit. He will never get elected.

Anonymous said...

While Frank White might be incompetent and not a leader and a complete dumbass- he must be re-elected.
If he is not elected- he will lose his house. If elected again- he will only come come close to losing his house maybe 7 or 8 more times. While he obviously has no idea how to make house payments- he will make good sound finance decisions for Jackson County and perhaps waste only several millions and aim cluelessly while getting nothing done and argue with the Royals or anyone else he talks with.
We have to support Frank so he can earn some spending money for those nice $4000 suits that cover up the shit for brains.

Anonymous said...

Of COURSE Jean Peters Baker was asking about the Jail Money - she's already drained the COMBAT accounts dry and needs to get her hands on more ready cash.

Anonymous said...

Give the women prisoners in Jackson county jail tampons and stop watching them bleed out.

Anonymous said...

Why would mean jean care? She just lets them out on probation anyway.

breaking news, we have two more murders tonight!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it against some kind of ethics code for Frank White to have county staff writing this kind of political shit?

Anonymous said...

I remember Frank White repeatedly saying there's no crisis in the jail, even after that first expert called the situation one of the worst in the country. And I'll never forget him shrugging off one horrific rape in that jail as "old news."

Anonymous said...

it’s very sad that mean jean is misusing her offiice to write this political crap, it’s time we recall her and clean the slate like the cheating sheriff and concicted county executive

Miss Allen said...

Mr. White's record on the jail might not be perfect but let's not forget that this situation has been worsening for years. To put the blame entirely on Frank White is unfair. Where is the legislature on this? Some of them have served for 10 years or more but they aren't taking any responsibility.

I agree with some of the comments here that we need to think about a new jail and that is more productive than just this constant pass the buck mentality.

Anonymous said...

This why we need term limits on these people. The money wasted could have started a new jail. Jean, work on being a prosecutor and not being in the public eye all the time.

Anonymous said... #recalljean

Marshill Cahill said...


Building a NEW JAIL will NOT solve the probem , until you get rid of ALL the Mismanagement in Jackson County and KCMO !

Lets say they build a new JAIL tomorrow and have it up and running

how long before these same Jackson County Legislators, including Jean Peters Bakers, her office , Frank White, Sly James, the Jax Sheriff all have it as screwed up as the one "NOW" !!!

Think about that for a minute !

These same Dimwit Dipshits who caused the problems, and you want them to remain in position to screw up a NEW Jail facility too ?????

Tell ya what needs to happen, an independent STATE Audit in Jackson County, all Jackson County offices, including Jean Peters Baker, as well as KCMO City Hall , as to where exactly "PUBLIC TAX FUNDS as well as STATE and any Federal Funds" have went and were used the last 7 to 8 years, every since Jean Peters Baker and KCMO Mayor Sly James and former County Sheriff Mike Sharp , this seriously needs to be thoroughly investigated and the AUDIT made Public !!!

All Hell is getting ready to break loose in the KCMO Ci6ty and county

and these idiots are "INEPT & Incompetent" that are attempting to run the Show, and it shows ~ !!!!!!

Barney Frank said...

When it amounts to 14% of the voting population showing up to vote,yes he will

Barney Frank said...

RULE NUMBER 1:When using a word,spell it correctly.

6 million jews died due to the improper placement of an exclamation point!

Barney Frank said...

Glad to see that Frank has a personal rub down person the same way Sly does.

Anonymous said...

I think that it's very clear Frank is the one who is playing politics with the issue. Instead of worrying about Jean he should get down to business and address the problem.

Anonymous said...

Frank and Caleb think the problem at the jail isn't the rapes, assaults, corruption or incompetence. It's that the dirty secrets are being made public.

Anonymous said...

Move Frank and Forte’s offices inside the jail. Problem solved.