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First, a recent look back at the career of a favorite hottie and her affiliation with the 2nd most dangerous dude on the Internets . . .

Playmate to Politico: How Pamela Anderson Became an International Woman of Mystery

And then, a glimpse at some of the top news links closer to home:

Going To Kansas City Crisis
Moving nightmare: Kansas City family says movers stole all their belongings
Dead-Tree Outcry

'I could be dead by now': Wait times for 911 calls point to problems with the system

Renee Grissom knew something was very wrong when she heard what sounded like an explosion on her home's first floor around noon that day. Just out of the shower, the Leawood resident stepped downstairs, and then she saw it: broken trim, glass everywhere.

KC Vet Shares EPIC Documentary Work

Leawood man interviews 1,067 WWII vets for Veterans History Project

LEAWOOD, Kan. -- Gary Swanson is believed to have interviewed more World War II veterans than anyone else in the world. "These were people, at that time, who wanted to do what needed to be done, and did," Swanson said. Between 2000 and 2010, Swanson video recorded 1,067 veterans, most from World War II.

Golden Ghetto Up In Flames

Video shows JoCo firefighters battling house fire as live ammunition ignites inside structure

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Video released by Fire District #1 of Johnson County, Kansas shows crews battling a blazing house fire in Gardner on Tuesday. Crews responded to the fire at about 8:35 p.m. on the 100 block of S. Pine Street.

Meth Town Graduation Prank

School deems Craigslist prank a threat; student now facing punishment

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- A senior at Truman High School will not be allowed to walk in his graduation because of a prank he pulled. Kylan Scheele, 18, admits to posting an ad on Craigslist on Friday that listed Truman High School for sale; he said it was meant to be a joke.

Home Team Turnabout???

Extra innings singles train powers Kansas City to 5-2 victory over St. Louis

For the second consecutive game the Kansas City Royals channeled their inner 2015, summoning impeccable late-game hitting and shutdown bullpen work to once again vanquish the evil St. Louis Cardinals. This afternoon's contest ended with a 5-2 score in favor of Kansas City after the Royals scored a trio of runs in the 10th inning.

Great War Well Remembered
Liberty Memorial: A national tribute
Runaway Train - Soul Asylum is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. I love the prank that senior pulled on Truman high school! Get a grip school district, you look like idiots now comparing this to a threat.

  2. ^^^^^
    Spot on with one difference. They ARE idiots for thinking this a credible threat. "Abundance of caution" my ass. Grow the fuck up ISD. Learn to laugh at yourselves for once. Senior pranks. Long standing tradition. This kid just one-upped you and now you're mad. He's freaking brilliant in my eyes.


  3. That was hilarious, but our public school administration is the threatening factor in our schools today. They will let a kid with known troubles walk in and shoot everyone up ignoring that they knew trouble was brewing, but they will punish this kid.....for what?

    Great prank, I thought it was funny!

  4. Just shows the incompetence of public school administrators. They have a narrative and agenda and do not deviate. They cannot think for themselves and claim they have to follow the written narrative.
    The student can definitely think and he definitely did something that did not do any physical damage.
    The student will not have any trouble landing a job.

  5. TOP PHOTO -- Bringing Things To A Head

    Before mounting Beldar's cone, Pam reminds us that sex is 90-percent mental!!!

  6. The Star’s editorial board now understands crime and lack of crime fighting staff could be dangerous. Why what caused them to change... oh a Leawood neighbor called Leawood 911 and got KCMO’s police...

  7. Give the kid a break on his creative prank. Does anybody believe for one moment that he is selling the high school? Sheesh.

  8. Lets see how long it take Dennis Meyers to ruin Fire District #1 of Johnson County.

  9. It’s hard to ruin something that was a shithole in the first place.

  10. At least Myers won’t be asleep at the wheel like Kirk has been for fuck knows how many years. Motherfucker is so determined to die in his office that it’s clear he doesn’t give half a shit about the people he’s paid to serve.


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