Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Kansas City Morning News Look

Morning news and a reminder that panties are big biz:

Billboard: Fashion Experts Explain Why Rihanna's Savage x Fenty Line Is a Game-Changer for Lingerie

Closer to home, here's a Kansas City debriefing:


KCI to battle real flames in mock plane crash, emergency disaster training

Being prepared for anything is important for any business. The Kansas City International Airport falls into that category and on Wednesday will hold an intense drill to ensure travelers and employees are kept safe in the face of any danger. Officials have planned a full-scale emergency exercise including, what looks like a real plane crash.

Golden Ghetto Diploma Mill Forgiveness???

Overland Park college students ask for loan forgiveness after school shuts down

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Years after Overland Park-based Wright Career College suddenly shut its doors, former students say they are still facing consequences. Many students, like Jennifer Florez, are stuck with thousands of dollars worth of students loans after the institution suddenly shut down. "You know it's just a dark cloud over your head.

Kansas Payback For Time Unduly Served

Kansas Gov. signs bill promising compensation to the wrongfully convicted

It also wipes the charges from their record.

Show-Me Doggie Disgrace

Missouri Is Nation's No. 1 Offender in Puppy Mills - Again

click to enlarge For the sixth year in a row, the state of Missouri has been found to have the largest number of puppy mills of any state in the country. A new report from the Humane Society of the U.S., the Horrible Hundred, lists Missouri as having 23 puppy mills, by far the highest amount of puppy mills across the nation.

Local FĂștbol Boozy Schedule

Where to watch the World Cup in Kansas City? No Other Pub, Sporting KC's World Cup headquarters

Thirty-two teams. Thirty-two days. From the opening match on June 14 to the final on July 15, No Other Pub in the Kansas City Power and Light District downtown will be Sporting KC's World Cup headquarters throughout the 2018 FIFA World Cup this summer.

Kansas City Powdered Ploy

Shatto Milk Co.'s New Flavorizers Allow You to Flavor Any Beverage

Fans of Shatto Milk Co. 's fantastically flavored milks now have another delicious way to enjoy them. In addition to the selection of flavored Shatto Milk found in the dairy case at your local grocery store, the Shatto family has introduced new premium Shatto Milk Flavorizers.

Kansas City Losing Streak Cont'd

Rays Score Game-Winning Run on Incredible Slide When Runner Looked Out by a Mile

One of the first things young baseball players learn in Little League is to always listen to their coaches. Normally, that's a good idea. Coaches are, after all, in a position of authority for a reason, as it's their job to make the big decisions that will best utilize their players' talents.

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Anonymous said...

What ever happened to the rule of being too far out of the baseline? I don’t care but he seems really far out of the base path

Anonymous said...

Why should your loan be forgiven because your school closed down? Is poor baby sad? Need a safe Space? How bout a teddy bear? Quit making excuses and pay your damn bills

Anonymous said...

^^^well idiot, it would seem that taking out a loan to go to school that closes would be a breach of contract for one thing, but that's just me. I mean I'm not an old, busted, bitter, dummy like you, but it seems like a case can made. How about you stop complaining and criticizing and live out the remainder of your wasted live doing something productive for once? How about that?

Anonymous said...

unfortunately some not for profit degrees are virtually worthless also

Anonymous said...

The problem with the student loan issue for a scammy school like that is that they push the student loans into other private sector financiers. The school itself NEVER puts itself on the hook for the student loans. So, good luck with the loan forgiveness, but it probably will not happen.