Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Kansas City Early Morning News Look

We start the early morning with classic Candice because it can be hard adjusting to change . . .

Daily Mail: Candice Swanepoel's in full bloom! Pregnant model puts her bump on show in floral summer dress

Closer to home, the news never stops:

Painful Kansas City Options

Seg. 1: Arguments In Favor Of Tax Increment Financing. Seg. 2: Joint Replacement, Explained.

Last week, we heard arguments opposed to tax increment financing, a tax abatement measure used to incentivize urban developement. Today, we learned about the benefits of TIF districts, and why supporters say they're a crucial tool to revitalizing our neighborhoods. Segment 2, beginning at 26:46: The ins and outs of artificial joint implants.

Show-Me More Payback Deets

Gov. Greitens' allies launch payback attack on Josh Hawley for doing his job

Politico ran a scorcher of a story about Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley this week. Headlined "GOP golden boy mails it in," it made the Republican U.S. Senate candidate out to be a lazy, preening poser who pumps iron and shops for wine in the middle of the day.

Transit For Stinky Guy At Work

Protected and connected bike lanes billed as future for biking in KC

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- To the amusement of his friends and family, many of Anthony Saluto's antics had to do with his hair. "One thing you've got to know about Anthony - he was just crazy. I mean, he would just do some of the craziest stuff," Lorrie Brown said while looking through a photo album of her son.

Kansas City Police Training Day

Crime scene investigators create mock homicide, sexual assault and mass shooting scenes

Real crime scene investigators are picking apart fake crime scenes this month. Nearly a dozen law enforcement agencies from Kansas City, Kan. To Cape Girardeau, Mo. are in Johnson County for a two-week class on crime scene investigations. Real bullets and real blood fill mock crime scenes in the county's crime scene investigation laboratories.

Kansas City QB Juxtaposition

Who will have the better 2018 season? Patrick Mahomes or Alex Smith

If you listen to our Arrowhead Pride Podcast (we'll be back next week for OTAs) or are a regular reader here, you probably know one of the most fascinating things to me about the Kansas City Chiefs in the year 2018 is just how many teams in the league they are connected to based upon recent and not-so-recent history.

Celebrate Creative Class Hangout

Plexpod lauded as economic driver at EDCKC Cornerstone Awards

A Cornerstone Award win for Plexpod is a recognition of the evolving nature of community and connections, said Gerald Smith. "When we set out to do the Plexpod Westport Commons project, from the beginning it was much more than just another coworking facility," said Plexpod co-founder Smith .

Old School Kansas City Downtown

Downtown Kansas City's dominant skyline

This week's postcard was published by the R.B. Harness Greeting Card Company of Kansas City, Mo. The view is described as the "Business Section of Kansas City" and seems to have been taken from near Truman Road and Oak Street, just south of the then-new City Hall and Jackson County Courthouse.

Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles Live - Them Changes is the #TBT song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Mahomes is a rookie and will be running for his life behind that sorry ass so called offensive line, of course he’ll do worse

Anonymous said...

Tif only helps the rich and steals from the poor

DeBergerac said...

Always had problems with TIF, especially as we use it around here...

1) One definition of a "blighted area" used by TIF is that it "does not achieve it's economic potential" - why doesn't anyone use TIF funding to tear down a City Hall and put up a Parking Lot so as to achieve a greater economic potential?

2) In KCMO the mayor-appointed TIF Commission is dominated by the City. Why isn't there EQUAL representation on the Commission from EACH Tax-supported Entity? Why is KCMO allowed to give away County, School, Library and other funding?
Doesn't the American tradition of "No taxation without representation" imply "no Tax Handouts to Developers without EQUAL representation"?

I personally believe strongly in Capitalism - if it makes economic sense, it'll happen! Even without TIF and the potential for corruption it brings.

Anonymous said...

Now KCMO will have a Downtown Bike Loop in addition to the toy train loop.
It doesn't get any better than that.

Anonymous said...

every time i return to this town, i am just given more reasons to hate it.

Anonymous said...

^^Well do us all a favor loser and leave and never come back! Problem solved!! Are you a retard?

Anonymous said...

Courtland 2018!!!!

Absolutely anybody except Josh.