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A favorite subject of our TKC blog community, hotties, arguing and food fights . . .

Maxim: Tomi Lahren Shares Sexy Patriotic Selfies After She Gets Attacked While Eating Brunch

Closer to home, more than a few links worth checking:

The McTavish Weekend Plans

6 Fan-Friendly Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend

We're all fans of the weekend, but this weekend is a fan's dream. Devotees of disparate diversions will have their ways with roots music, tattoos, science fiction, cult comedy, classic rock and more. Is it possible that any one person out there could be into it all? Ooh.

Trump Economy Local Winning

Kansas City Fed Manufacturing Index Hits Highest Level Ever for Second Straight Month | People's Pundit Daily

The Kansas City Fed Manufacturing Index gauging factory activity in the Tenth District hit the highest level in history for the second consecutive month. The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Tenth District Manufacturing Survey continued to expand at a rapid pace, and optimism remained high for future activity.

Drinking With KCMO Doggies

Possible changes to KCMO health ordinance may allow pups on patios

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- In Kansas City, Missouri, pups are not allowed on patios due to a health ordinance, but that may change. 4th district city councilperson Jolie Justus is working to open the gate to let dogs in. The Grandfalloon Bar & Restaurant on The Plaza isn't turning dogs away, but they have to be outside their patio fence.

The Good Kind Of Local Drama

VIDEO: Kansas City Actors Theatre Presents SKYLIGHT

Kansas City Actors Theatre presents David Hare's 'Skylight,' the fifth and final show of its thirteenth season, which will run May 23 to June 10 at the H&R Block City Stage in Union Station. The production will be directed by Darren Sextro and will star Katie Karel (in her first appearance with Kansas City Actors Theatre), John Rensenhouse, and Charlie Spillers.

Danny Duffy Comeback

Royals wage war on hyphenates in 8-2 win in Texas

Sometimes baseball doesn't make sense. Both the Texas Rangers and Kansas City Royals are bad teams this season, so a 8-2 win for the Royals is something that is within the realm of realistic outcomes with 33-year-old Austin Bibens-Dirkx making the seventh start of his major-league career, one that began just last year after toiling away for 12 years in the minors for the Mariners, Cubs, Rockies, Nationals, Blue Jays, and Rangers.

Christina Aguilera - Fall In Line is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. I don't do restaurants that feature dogshit. Just sayin.

  2. ^^ThanK you God! None of us want to be privy to your fat ass and ugly mug.

  3. ^^^ Who are you kidding? You don't have the allowance money from mommy to eat out.

  4. ^^and yet I do? Weird.

  5. duffy is still an ass hole

  6. ^^says the asshole.

  7. dogs and dog walkers help keep places and neighborhoods safe.

    in sophisticated cities we visit, restaurants welcome dogs outside on patios.

  8. If you're going to receive big bucks for being the attack bitch for half of the population, don't expect the other half to treat you with respect.

  9. ^^says the rejected whose been turned down his whole, sad life.

  10. ^^Your comment makes no sense.

    Do you know who she is?

  11. No pitbulls.

  12. Why would she go to a restaurant that had negroes in it? That’s stupid.

  13. To miss Lahren,Lives in West Hollywood I spent some time there and Santa Monica. Girls Girls ,Girls, And you may already know ,It's the fruit and nut capital,Most people are great but watch out. For the nuts mental problem's, And Tomi,is on point most of the time, But she is starting to report on corruption in the OBAMA administration and corrupt Hillary ,you know people can't handle the truth. I'm going to make you a star baby.


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