Temp Kansas Guv Panders To Prez Trump

A dull roar and calculated move by a guy facing a tough reelection fight and desperately seeking to build share of mind in his homestate. Read more:

Kansas Gov. Colyer: Give Trump The Nobel Peace Prize

Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer says President Donald Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Joining six other Republican governors, Colyer signed a letter this week that said the president should get the honor for "his transformative efforts to bring peace to the Korean peninsula." The letter, dated Monday, was sent to the Norwegian Nobel Committee.


  1. Trump is nothing but a Zionist puppet. 60 dead in Gaza--all because of this provocative us Embassy bullshit and he should get a "peace prize" ?! I voted for Trump--he's just another establishment/globalist shill for Israel.

  2. North Korea just called off South Korean peace talks this afternoon.


  3. Maybe he honestly means what he says, and is not just pandering to Trump voters.

  4. ^^^ So he's not a pandering ass kisser... he's just an authentic gullible idiot.

    Stick with the pandering defense.

  5. Turn the page, Trump Haters. Colyer is the Governor just as Brownback who would have also voted for Trump. Hopefully Trump does win the honor, much more deserving than BHO ever was. Thank you President Trump, as Michelle Obama said , “ hope is finally making a comeback”. MAGA

  6. President Pee-Tape got pranked by North Korea today. Bigly.

    They have been lying for decades, but Trump and team were caught by surprise with their cancellation of talks tomorrow. Hope Trump hasn't ordered that engraved name plate for the Nobel yet.

    Trump is getting played so hard by foreign leaders. China has rolled him to save their jobs! Israel has him sending fake Christian ministers for their Second Coming party. (Mormons and Catholics Satanist need not attend, they are going to hell anyway.)

    We could really use the wisdom and experience of a certain tough community organizer right about now.

    1. Trump Derangement Syndrome on full display here. :)

    2. A tough community organizer? Like the one who was laughed at by the middle east, made a terrible personal pinky-swear with Iran, and whose negative coattails cost dems the election?

      Too easy. ;)

  7. ^^Trump derangement syndrome on display here. All trump supporters are deranged. We already knew that though.

  8. @12:28...
    LOL...Tuff Community Organizer, only in Mr Rogers Neighborhood. BHO made Jimmy Carter look like a genius. He was Corrupt, Chi Town style. HBO could easily have a sequel to The Sopranos and call it The Obama’s 😂😂

  9. ^^But Obama's not the President now, Trump IS and has been for two years, so continuing to bring that up and living in the past is a loser's lament. If you can't be in the present, your posts are as worthless as you are.

  10. We agree, Trump is POTUS....because of Obama!! How ironic and the Beast couldn’t win a rigged election soooooo, again Trump is POTUS!! You seem to have accepted the election results...why can’t your fellow snowflakes?? DTS

  11. Trump's snowflakes melting down at the hint of Obama. HAHAHAHAH!!!

    They can't stand the fact he got Bin Laden. Trump can't even get his wall.

    Obama put a deal in place that stopped Iran from getting the bomb. Trump hasn't made a nuke deal, a trade deal, or any deal.

    Obama was tougher than all the GOP chicken hawk and bone spur presidents put together.

    In the meantime, President Pee-Tape in getting played by North Korea, China and Russia. He's surrendering to everyone.

  12. The cult of MAGA is mad because Obama won a Nobel and Trump never will.

  13. Those MAGA hats are on too tight. It's cutting off the oxygen. That or they caught one of President Pee-Tape's STDs that is causing mental decline and insanity.

    8:39 can't even stick a consistent insult. First, he is Mr. Rogers wimpy and in the next sentence, he's a Chi-town / Sorpanos mob type. What????

    At least make an attempt to be coherent.


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