Sneak Peek: UMKC Whole Foods Will Be Progressive Kansas City Paradise

A sneak peek at cool pix and the upcoming premier KCMO destination for middle-class Bernie Bros and Hillaristas:

PHOTOS: Go inside Whole Foods' new Kansas City location - Kansas City Business Journal

With its newest area store opening in Kansas City, Whole Foods Market will be showcasing several local collaborations, including one with J. Rieger & Co. The Kansas City distillery worked with the Whole Foods team, which is now owned by, to create 12 unique cocktails that leverage seasonal flavors, such as Tea & Sunshine and the Elderflower Gin and Tonic, Whole Foods spokeswoman Allison Phelps told the Kansas City Business Journal.


  1. KCPD will be there every hour hauling off a shoplifter.

    1. Hope they do a better job watching cameras than they did on Metcalf,id go in and buy a Kombucha (only to dump that nasty shit out)just to lift my vitamin b and 3.99 for $46 worth of goods!

  2. elderflower gin & tonic?..... ewww5/22/18, 8:01 PM

    Is it done finally?!?! Shit, the bond bridge took less time to erect! That being said. I probably would prefer the boons to what clientele the whole foods attracts.

    1. Don’t kid yourself; the OP store is full of boons.


  3. What's funny is, the people who go into whole foods in O.P. look like death warmed over. They are pale, greasy stringy hair, and they are all fat, it's hilarious the money they spend when they can get the same thing at any other store because they fall for this organic stuff that means it's fertilized with organic material but still has pesticide on it. I only go in there for one thing and that's to get dandelion greens you can't get anywhere else.

  4. Try your front yard. Quit giving Wapo Bezos your money. The truth and local organic gluten free artisan dandelions will set you free.

  5. EXPOSED for what you are5/22/18, 8:51 PM

    "Progressive" is CODE WORD for "COMMUNIST"

    So its going to be a Communist / Socialist paradise

    Typical of how they attempt to try to hide behind other terminology to deceive others who are naïve & clueless !!

    Don't believe me go research it and look it up yourselves

    Progressive is secret code word for communism

    see what pops up

    Enjoy it Commie's you've just been "OUTED" again !!!!

  6. NorthendPadrino5/22/18, 8:54 PM

    Aldis for the win.

    1. Islam & Demorats are the same now5/22/18, 9:46 PM

      ^^^^ True that.... get your Aldi’s before the halal sets in. Europe is in crisis. Germany about to experience it’s own holocaust. Islam is an ideology not a religion. Gawd bless the Italians in recent elections. Trump vs the NWO getting results. Britain, take a hint from your southern EU neighbors!

      Christianity-Islam = war

      Judaism-Islam = war

      Buddhism-Islam = war

      Hinduism-Islam = war

      Shintoism-Islam = war

      Islam-Islam = war

      Our country is on a path of recovery, but we will lose some fine soldiers in the upcoming battle for western civilization...... again.... in Europe to eradicate the Muslim Horde. Eff you Merkle and your globalist agenda.... Europe has reached a breaking point with these child raping inbred shitstains of very questionable humanity.

  7. 8:51, if it's a secret then how do you know it?

    Republican is code for Russian. Don't believe me? Look it up.


  8. TIF grocers should charge for parking and give it to the city.

  9. Exceptionalism gives me indigestion.

  10. I will go there to pick up fat chicks.

    And I will win.

    Because unlike the Governor, I am a gentle lover.

  11. I wonder if that coke snorting,cock swallowing Dan Palmer will be working there?


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