Saturday, May 12, 2018

Show-Me Right-To-Word Missouri Redux

Amid the sex scandal Gubernatorial distraction the ongoing battle against collective bargaining picks up the pace to push through a legislative crackdown.


Right-to-work suddenly back on Missouri lawmakers' agendas

A new front has opened up in the battle over whether Missouri should become a right-to-work state. Under right-to-work, unions and employers would be barred from requiring all workers within a bargaining unit to pay dues or fees. On Friday, the Missouri House passed a measure that would ingrain right-to-work in the state constitution.


Anonymous said...

Democrats are "Pro-Choice" when it comes to murdering babies..

but :Anti-choice" when it comes to handing over a chunk of your paycheck to union scammers.

Anonymous said...

^^ +100

Anonymous said...

Right to Work is right for Missouri. Put freedom back in the workplace. Don’t let artificial union wages be called “prevailing”wages to extort money out of every local government project. Think of how much less expensive our needed infrastructure improvements would be if we didn’t pay the part that organized crime (union Leaders) steal from their lemming members.

Anonymous said...

Alabama passed right to work in 1965...look how well they are doing in that state (humor)

Anonymous said...

Who has more new auto plants than Missouri? Alabama does.

Anonymous said...

6:08 you left out humor