Show-Me Meat Defined By Missouri

And no . . . Taco Bell meat filling probably doesn't count . . . Which doesn't mean it's not delicious.

Moreover, before you get all high & mighty, humanity is probably going to end up going back to eating bugs in order to save the planet.

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Missouri May Be First State To Get Serious About The Definition Of Meat

Missouri is at the vanguard of defining what meat is, thanks to legislation awaiting the governor's signature. It's an essential, perhaps even existential, question sparked by the growth of plant-based proteins, meat substitutes and lab-grown products. And it's a topic that, while first passed at the state level on May 17, is also being considered at the federal level.


  1. Humanity IS EATING BUGS NOW!
    Look up us FDA's "allowable levels" of "Insect parts" and "rodent droppings" in Grain samples.
    Go ahead, look them up - have a nice Lunch!


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