Show-Me Billionaire Opposition Against Missouri Poor People's Campaign

An alternative perspective worth a read offers resistance against a social justice labor movement taking hold in Kansas City and throughout the nation.

Linked with just a tiny bit of teasing for a group bankrolled by two billionaires and their advice to the plebs who should probably scrape for a living in whatever way is most effective:

Show-Me: The Government Shouldn’t Mandate a “Living Wage”

Money line:

"Wanting to improve the lives of poor Missourians is a noble goal, but there are better policies than mandating a higher minimum or “living” wage. For instance, implementing an earned income tax credit in Missouri and pursuing occupational licensing reform could open the door to higher incomes without negatively affecting employment. If organizations like the Poor People’s Campaign really want reforms that will help low-income Missourians, they should abandon the minimum wage and pursue more economically sound policies."

Read the whole thing.

You decide . . .


  1. Show-Me is ABSOLUTELY correct here.

    These efforts are short sighted and political in nature. They're about getting votes, dues and influence, not actually helping poor people.

  2. Just another campaign waiting to fizzle.

  3. ^^^^Just another geezer shitting themselves.

  4. How would you live without geezers, go ahead boy, tell us!

    1. You're right without geezers there wouldn't be any young punks

  5. Show-Me Institute represents millionaires that want to keep their money.

    Everyone else can fuck off.

    We get it.

  6. Missouri legislature just passed another Right to Work bill. That I believe is intended to cause unions to fail because they have to protect workers rights even if workers do not join and do not pay dues. If the SEIU would stop their efforts to get dues money from members where they traditionally get the worst contracts.


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