So, now that Mayor Sly & Co. chased away the biggest e-commerce company in the world, we thought it was time to put this blog to work.

I'm trying out the new Amazon affiliate program which friend of the blog LeAnn suggested about 10 years ago.

Since that time the tech has improved and now that retail is dead, we might as well cash in on e-commerce despite the fact that TKC has absolutely nothing to sell.

What does this mean to readers???

If you want help the blog without getting too involved, check Amazon via our links. Also, we'll (probably) review some local products with affiliate links. Suggestions are welcome but before you get all sponsor gooey . . . This blog is mostly about talking trash so don't expect me to be nice. Even if it's free. Of course I'll disclose any merch sent my for review etc.

In the meantime, go buy a Babe Ruth Autographed Baseball because you're so awesome . . .