Thursday, May 17, 2018


A nasty allegation of abuse against this local Latino dude reminds us to be kind (and gentle) with animals.

Read more only on KCTV5, Kansas City's top journalism source on horse vagina:

Court documents: KCK man confesses to placing stick inside horse


A suspect in Kansas City, KS, has been charged with animal cruelty and criminal damage to property. He is accused of and has confessed to ramming a stick inside the vagina of the horse, according to court documents.

Documents say authorities used witnesses and surveillance video to get a description of the suspect.

They go on to say that once contacted by police, he confessed to placing the stick inside the horse.

He told police he did not do it out of malice toward the owners.

His court date is scheduled for May 17th.

Developing . . .


Karma is a bitch said...

Send him to jail where he can enjoy having things stuck up in him

Anonymous said...

He is a Mexican. They like things rammed up their asses. That is not punishment to them.

Anonymous said...

Send him back to the border and us a catapult to launch him back to his homeland and no parachute allowed.
3 guesses on how to attach him to the catapult and the first 2 guesses do not count.

Anonymous said...

It’s coprophilia boy! He strikes again!

Anonymous said...

I wondered what diaper boy looked like, a dried turd !

Anonymous said...

Get Padre screw horse to practice on the tattoo artist killer in a Tianjin jail.

Anonymous said...

Let a stallion put his stick in the spic’s ass. Turnabout is fair play.

Anonymous said...

What?! But I had heard Teresa Loar’s vagina dried up when her husband left her...??

Anonymous said...

(Judge P. Al Omino presiding over the paddock)

Defense Attorney: Your Honor, in my client's defense, he reports suffering from NIGHT MARES!!

Judge: That's horseshit Counselor. Don't think for one minute that you can come into my courtroom and pull some horse and pony show. You'll need to come up with something better or I'll saddle both you and your client with tacked-on charges.

KC is for chuckle heads said...

All these comments.