Sorry, the only thing really shocking about this one is that we've gone on so long with such an amateur effort and it took so long for smarter people to step-in . . .

More to the point . . .


The Missouri Guv counts it in his win file . . .

"It was a great victory and it was a long time coming. This experience has been humbling and I have emerged from it a changed man," (Guv) Greitens said afterward. "Above all I am sorry for the pain this process and my actions have caused my family, my friends and the people of Missouri."

Check the links . . .

Fox News: Prosecutors drop invasion-of-privacy case against Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, plan to re-file charge

KSHB: Criminal case against Greitens dismissed, special prosecutor to be appointed

KMBC: Assistant St. Louis Circuit Attorney Ronald Sullivan made the surprise announcement Monday in court after the third day of jury selection in Greitens' trial.

KCUR: Governor Greitens has been accused of taking a photo of a partially nude woman without her consent. He has denied taking the photo, although he has acknowledged having an extramarital affair with the woman. She hasn't spoken publicly about the case. Her former husband told a local television station about the allegations in January.

Turner Report: Text of Greitens' official statement after felony invasion of privacy charge dropped

STL: Prosecutors drop felony invasion of privacy charge against Gov. Greitens

New York Times: Mr. Greitens’s lawyers planned to call the St. Louis circuit attorney, Kimberly Gardner, as a witness — a move prosecutors said led them to drop the case. “The court’s order leaves the circuit attorney no adequate means of proceeding with this trial,” said Susan C. Ryan, a spokeswoman for the prosecutor, in a statement. A

You decide . . .


  1. Certainly a win.

    The case was falling apart. Greitens was winning.

    My governor can have sex with whomever he desires!

    1. ^^^ Total B.S.

      The governor was fighting the prosecutor, not the case. Now he won't be able to get away with undermining the law. He'll have to argue the merits of the case against him.

  2. Absolutely agree the case was sloppy. Generally, I think this is an inquisition of the Governor, but I'm a realist and I know that If he gets assault charges now, he's finished.

  3. I think that all along that St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner thought she would be able to bully the Gov out of office and that failed and when reality started setting in he really was going to fight this all the way she caved.

  4. The case isn't going away, so it can't be a win for Governor Legitimate Rape.

    RINO Josh is still all over the corruption.

    He'll probably skip his senate primary race to continue his attacks on the GOP Governor.

  5. 5:33,
    Absolutely right!
    They are trying to get him to resign. They thought that all of the sexual revelations would embarrass him into quitting. Wrong!
    The guy committed no crime.

    And that idiot Gardner should never have proceeded without the incriminating pic in her hand. He called her bluff. He won.

  6. "My governor can have sex with whomever he desires!"

    No he can't. Not without consent.

    Yet we continue to see Greedy Old Pervert defenders and enablers cheer-leading rape.

    Not only did Greitens not win today, but the entire party will lose in November.


  7. Butthurt sore loser Democrat scam gets BLOWN out of the water!

    Truth wins out.

  8. Viva Sancho!

  9. Lifelong D here ...said many photo, no crime.

  10. The prosecutor is a dishonest political hack. They should review her past cases.

  11. Save Missouri5/14/18, 6:42 PM

    Actually, the felony case concerning the donor list is far more serious and the evidence against the governor is clear cut. I hope the special prosecutor ties it all together. Too bad this is just going to add more time to the inevitable. The governor does not belong in office, he has too much baggage and has done far too much to harm the state.

  12. I'm an independent and the complaints that the Governor made against the prosecutor were valid. She was incompetent at best and I won't be surprised if she has some consequences from her handling of the case. At the very best, she was right to cut and run.

    Thank you for leaving the question open TKC and quoting the governor. I have to agree, this is a victory for him and should cause his accusers rethink their position.

  13. He can pardon himself

    Does it matter?

  14. totally predictable. They had nothing beyond he said, she said. That means there is nothing. He won't be charged again. That is only a smokescreen to cover the fact up that this was nothing more than a political hit job by a political hack prosecutor in St Louis.They look like drunk chimpanzees and know it. A Democrat Prosecutor.

  15. Let's get back to governing the state instead of minding one man's private life.

    1. Amen! What’s more, I do not advocate or condone unwelcome sexual advances, but it’s to the point now that every day more women are crying foul. I have no doubt that it happens, but I do find it curious that nearly every claim is about something that occurred years ago. It seems next to impossible in this day of constant communication and rampant litigation that there wouldn’t be at least one woman who would come forward immediately after the incident.

  16. Another amateurish prosecutor who let her mouth overload her, ah, legal expertise.
    The case is too badly damaged to have the charges refiled and without the photo there's not much there anyway.
    And the campaign finance case smells to high heaven, but campaign finance laws in Missouri are a world class joke, so there's not much in the way of teeth after a verdict.
    That leaves the political consequences, which will take probably more guts than a majority of the legislators have.
    You don't want to just wound the king. Ask Machiavelli!

  17. Dummocucks are hiding their duct tape and cell phones as we speak! Totally hand their ass’s handed to them....... again! Lmao!

  18. The bipartisan impeachment commission is doing a great job.
    They are making the right subpoenas and now circling the Greens groups while not doing any deals with Greitens lawyers.
    There is no appetite for Greitens staying and they will do what is necessary to not only remove Greitens for stealing from a charity and gosh knows what else, but they will strip the bark off the bastard and make an example of him.
    There is no chance Greitens will ever get cold- for there is a special place in Hell with his name all over it.
    In fact- Greitens gets to see Lucifer every day...when he looks in the mirror.

  19. The Commission hates Gretens.
    No need to allow his lawyers to advise anything... that would be the inmates running the prison.
    Gretens will not be governor in 6 months and in jail in one year.
    In 50 he might well be in hell.

  20. Guess Missouri has its own Baltimore Marilyn Mosby in Kim Gardner.

  21. First, it took more than one trial to convict Bill Cosby.

    Second, William Tisaby ruined the case when he lied about the tape.

    Third, Kim Gardner overcharged originally--and set herself up for failure without the proof. It never should have been about the photo and the blackmail. Even if that does carry 4 years in prison. There are so many lesser charges she might have brought, and convicted Greitens of.

    He is a slimebag who cheated on his wife while she was giving birth at the hospital. And his actions border on rape.

    Fourth, KS was a weak witness. Her "dreamed it" statement was devastating. She was not prepared as a witness and is not very bright. Still, she is the victim of sexual abuse. Most of those victims don't come forward for many episodes.

    There is a moment when a sexual abuse victim gets mad. KS didn't get to that moment, at least yet. She still might. She has nothing to lose--folks in STL know who she is.

    Fifth, her douchebag ex-husband, some "radio station/entertainer" is just as bad as Greitens. Treated KS like his chattal. For him it was a territorial war.

    Sixth, today when Greitens said he was a "changed man", I didn't believe him. He is sorry for what he did to his family and his adopted party--but still NOT sorry for what he did when he trip-searched the hairdresser he groped at her workplace, took her phone, tied her up and ripped her clothes, then even while she was crying, forced her to give him a blow job. With or without the photo, he is a sexual predator in MY mind.

    I hope the Mo. legislator acts on the stolen campaign donation lists, and impeaches the man who still is telling his naive second wife she might be First Lady. this case made the NY TIMES. His Machurian Candidate life is over. Move on, Sheena. change your name. And your kids' names.

    There is not a school or college in America where they won't be bullied the rest of their lives.

    1. Tracy just STFU. Keep your big nose out of Missouri . Stay on your own 2 bit blog.

  22. Good God Tracy chill the fuck out not like he was married to your daughter and you have people you call friends that are just as slimy as he is trust me I know.

    1. First, I agree with you completely, 8:19.
      Second, Tracy is an effing train wreck.
      Third, Tracy is much more prominent and “in the know” in her own head than in reality.
      Fourth, I have an opportunity to talk on occasion to some of the real “movers and shakers” of KC (due to a charity I’m involved with) and none of them have ever heard of her.
      Fifth, when it comes to the incessant pontificating and name calling about this issue, one can only wonder if Tracy protests too much for a reason.

  23. Sorry Tracy. You Lost! Own It!. You're a old brain damaged bitch. Your words! Nobody cares about your 1980 history.

  24. Tracey hates the taste of her silly words.

  25. Tracy is right on the money!

  26. It’s a setback for the resistance. The left has organized an effort to criminalize politics. Unfortunately, instead of fighting, most conservatives surrender. Clinton fought and won. Greitens will end up winning as long as he keeps up the fight.

  27. Sloppy headline writing case, more like it...

  28. Republican-style “Christian”

  29. Seems to me that there is a counter offensive opportunity here. Much of what this article says about this prosecutor describes legally unethical behavior. If a private attorney did these things, he or she could be grieved before the Bar Association and possibly lose membership, i.e. be no longer admitted to the practice of law. That might prove inconvenient for this prosecutor as well.

    We see the same sort of ethical problems in the conduct of the US DOJ w.r.t. the Ted Stevens case, and the Merrill-Lynch prosecutions, prosecutors withholding exculpatory evidence. This has to stop and these rogue prosecutors must be held accountable. Liberal prosecutors, like Mueller, Weissman (Read Ms. Sidney Powell's book, "License To Lie") are FAMOUS for with holding "Brady Material". They go scott free after putting innocents in prison and ruining lives with premeditated, criminal intent.

    Democrats are such accomplished and practiced liars that I suppose trying to frame people just comes naturally to them. But I do wonder how they get away with it. If the frame up succeeds, they win. If not, nothing really happens to those who tried to frame others. Personally, I think attempting to frame someone by falsely accusing them, ought to put the framer in prison for a long time. Crystal Magnum never paid. Thousands of lying #Metoo females will never pay. Mueller and his devils will probably never pay either.

    This is the virtue of war. In war there could be justice. These evil Democrat bastards could be morally slaughtered, as they deserve to be.

  30. Corruption in the Saint Louis Prosecutors,office .And she was caught.

  31. Still nothing but a Laverentii Beria inspired SHOW TRIAL.

  32. pretty simple no photo no case which by victims own words may have been imagined

  33. It’s called s&m Tracy

  34. The hairdresser WENT to his house on her accord, returned several times afterwards on her own accord. Was stupid enough to tell her husband (she was fucked by another man) who then publicized all this. It’s marital drama and a political hit job. Sanction the stupid prosecutor. Better yet revoke her law license. One less lawyer makes for a better world. I am with the Governor all the way!

  35. Tracy just pissed nobody will invite her over for some afternoon hanky panky

  36. The governor's greatest mistake was betraying his own party.

    But he has never been loyal. He admits to betraying his own wife.

    Time for him to go!

  37. It takes more than a man with tiny dick syndrome, a car load of Soros money, and an incompetent and partisan prosecutor to subvert a fair election.

  38. Super Dave accurately nailed the situation early.

    St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner is a stupid inexperienced incompetent prosecutor; elected via campaign funds sourced from a George Soros activist group; a black militant activist former St. Louis state representative; who wholeheartedly bought into the lie that she could embarrass the Governor into resigning, thus catapulting herself into statewide office as the Missouri Democrat Party leadership bowed at her feet.

    And aside from the admitted affair, it was all a fabricated political hit-job, eagerly disseminated throughout the state by the Democrat media propagandists at The KC Star, STL Post, etc.

    Tracy went all-in with her "Governor Duct-Tape" #MeToo crusade, only to crash and burn, stuck in her seatbelt, as Kim Gardner drove the bus over the cliff! Women drivers!

  39. ^^^ Good fun!

    If it is consensual.

    And sensual!

  40. If it doesn't fit (No photo) you must aquit.

  41. Tracey, I generally agree with your take on an issue, but it seems this one (and the Verrukt case) is much more personal. You have a significant dislike of the MO guv, bordering on hate. Hey, no argument, he's a POS. We knew it before we voted he was a Prog in Rep clothing; but the other option is a vote for the in-yer-face party of the prog - no thanks. But, and its a big one, his reprehensible actions were not illegal. The woman went to his house, with his wife gone, for a romp with a little Navy Seal. IIRC one of her statements was that it was to work out? S'risly people buy that? She went there for sex, who gives an eff what turned those two reprehensible people on. She kept coming back, that ain't abuse, that ain't criminal, that's just some kinky BS.

    Now, to play the safe line. I was a big proponent of getting the confide info, you're a public servant, you get NO privacy in conducting the public's business. He's blatant in your face attitude that he wasn't going to stop using the app really set some folks off. Now, THIS issue is what his opponents should be focusing on (I think the campaign finance gets nowhere either) if they want him out.

  42. Who the hell is Tracey? Does anyone really care about her so-called words of wisdom?

  43. Trying to get back on topic, and away from the ad hominem (sorry Tracey, "ad Femina") attacks, it's pretty simple what has happened here.

    Somebody (Kemper/Sinquefield? Koch Bros? Are the Democrats smart enough?) backing Greitens with cash managed to buy the Judge, and he allowed the Defense to get away with a questionably ethical and probably illegal tactic of subpoenaing the Prosecutor as a Witness, rather than throwing their request out.

    Simply a case of yet another attempt to attack the prosecution, which they have been allowed to do over and over without being ruled in contempt, as many previous defense attorneys have been.

    Since the Prosecution withdrew the charges, they of course have the option of re-filing them in the future, but will probably wait to do so until the Legislature has had time to act on the more serious and blatantly provable felonies regarding the Campaign illegalities.

    This move has put the spotlight back on the Republican Party in Missouri, and they now find themselves in a Procrustean Dilemma.

    Do they try to salvage the upcoming election by impeaching Ol' Duct Tape, leaving themselves the stigma (and backlash from the gullible)of having his impeachment on their record; or do they leave him reeking in office and hope for the best in 2020?

    Sure gonna be fun to watch!

  44. Just stumbled across @ 9:48pm's post - Hahahahaha!
    How little you know, Chuckles.

    (Hi, Trace - don't worry, Babe - mum's the word.)

  45. Tracy is right on most accounts.
    The strategy has been all along for a bipartisan effort to remove him and the Commission is doing a great job.
    The combined brain power is given fuel with every Greitens’ quote and some of the PR theatre. They have learned from the Prosecution and certainly the Defense has given them locker room material so- not only is there no turning back- after the dust is settled and the gov is out- the investigators investigating the investigations will give various prosecutors enough info to potentially not let the guv see his kids grow up unless they like visiting him and Blagojevich.
    I am sure Tracy’s also right on second wife Sheena- she has had to have visions of sugar plums dancing in her head and might be thinking of a name change.
    While doubtful Guv wanted hairdresser for wife number three- he could get a temp in a cell if they put him away long enough.

  46. lolololololololololol
    & tracey, i do not want to contemplate how someone could be forced to give a blowjob when BJs leave 1 participant more vulnerable than the other. How many times have i heard the phrase , 'yank and twist' & run. OOOOOOh but he was running for governor and i just couldn't violate his balls that way and he so crazy he might have tried to beat to a clueless bloody pulp in his basement to create a political advantage.

  47. He had taken her cellphone and keys when she entered his back door.
    She should have left then.
    She's not smart.
    But he is a sexual predator. Allegedly!!!

    In fact, she fled so fast she forgot to retrieve her cell and had to go back for that, when he reminded her AGAIN, not to talk. Or else.

    Did you actually READ the 25 pages of testimony?
    I bet not.
    You just know it all, in your cocky ignorance.
    The Mo. legislative committee found her testimony CREDIBLE.

    MOCSA reminds us, most women who are victims of abuse don't report or leave for many times before they do. She did end it. Then her obsessed ex-husband outed her without permission. She's a fulltime college student, single woman, raising her kids and cutting hair.

    Yes, she was entranced by a charismatic figure. But he crossed the line well before he took the alleged photo. So much more is wrong with Greitens than that. This isn't over.

    OJ Simpson escaped conviction of the criminal charge. But lost what was really important to him, fame and respect, from a civil charge.

    Sheena is in Florida. With her PhD and the two Greitens kids. Get out, girl!!!

  48. a sexual predator, just like bill cosby & weinstein, without the line of women accusers.


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