Remember When Kansas City Royals Games Cost Less Than 20 Bucks For Families?!?!

Check this great local memory of "growing up Royal" and a hint at why there are so many fans fiercely loyal to a constantly mediocre team currently coping with another "rebuilding" year . . . Take a look:

How I became a Royals Fan

If anybody was destined to become a Royals fan, it was me. We moved to KC when I was 5 in 1979. Obviously, those were the glory years for the Royals. My Dad took me to Chiefs and Kings games as...


  1. A lot of truth to this story about how attending sports games 50 or less years ago didn't require floating a bank loan if you had a family.

    1. Sorry you're so broke, Stupor Dave.

    2. If it wasn't for my corporate suite.
      I wouldn't pay the 4 grand per game to go.
      Just curious about where you are sitting?

  2. Prices for sports and concerts has gotten way out of hand. I do not even look at the prices anymore, I spend my fun mo eyes on going out to eat these days. Screw greedy athletes and musicians.


  3. All Sports games have got pathetically GREEDY the last 25 years

    Its all a RIP-OFF to sham the naïve & clueless who'll attend those events !

    Better things to do than give them my MONEY !!


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