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Maxim: Emily Ratajkowski Says Her 'Powerful Boobs' Are The Key to Her Sexuality

Closer to home, here are more than a handful of Kansas City news links worth a look:

Country Club Comeback???

2 new stores coming to Country Club Plaza

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Two new stores are coming to the Country Club Plaza. Made in KC is heading to 4640 Wornall Road, which is the former location of Houston's restaurant. Remodeling permits for the location were applied for in April.

Tragic Newspaper Followup After TKC
Man killed after concert at Uptown Theater was young father turning his life around
Bionic Kansas City Solutions

Knee replacements are more precise, have faster recovery with aid of robotics

Jackie Wolf is feeling pretty good now, after getting a partial knee replacement brought about by degenerative arthritis. "I'm walking my little dogs, which I couldn't do for months and months, which makes me happy," Wolf says. The first surgery in Wolf's life was also the first robotic-assisted knee replacement in the KC Metro, according to staff at St.

Help Po-Po Find JoCo Creeper

Police searching for man who allegedly committed lewd acts in front of woman, minor

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Overland Park police are asking for the public's help finding a man they said committed lewd acts in front of a woman and a minor in two separate incidents. Police said in both incidents, than man approached the female, made sexual remarks, and then committed a lewd act.

Last Gasp For Printing Press Biz

Star takes over printing for another McClatchy newspaper; Lawrence printer wins The Pitch - Kansas City Business Journal

As the newspaper industry continues to consolidate and shrink, The Kansas City Star's $200 million downtown printing and distribution plant is finding ways to keep busy. Unfortunately, another newspaper will shutter its Illinois printing facility to keep the presses in downtown Kansas City humming.

Booze News For Thirsty KC Hipsters

Tap List | Cinder Block Brewery Uses Locally-Sourced Wheat for Witbier

Starting the first week of June, Cinder Block Brewery's Weathered Wit will contain wheat grown by Great Plains Custom Grain, based in Wellsville, Kansas. Malt from that Kansas-grown wheat will journey to North Kansas City, Missouri, for the brewing process. Then the beer will make its way back to Kansas, as well as Missouri in Cinder Block's distribution territory.

More Kansas City Drama

Theater review: Welcome to Fear City, at the KC Rep, tries to do too much with 1970s New York

Karen Almond Among the productions in the Kansas City Repertory Theatre's Origin KC festival of new works is Welcome to Fear City, an inventive play by Kara Lee Corthron that feels overstuffed with too many good ideas.

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  1. They all claim they were turning their lives around when someone is killed. Standard operating procedure.

  2. Just a tip for anyone who is "turning his life around":
    Don't attend any rap concerts, especially late at night.
    Also, probably find a whole new circle of friends and acquaintances, get a job, work hard, and you may be surprised what happens.
    It's a big world out there and really lots of opportunities.

  3. I love how the standard narrative for young black men killed is "he was turning his life around". It's so cynical, depressing, and so not true. Most of these 'turning his life around' types were fully engaged in their reckless behavior. So sad!

  4. Check out Johnson County courts and Case Net on the guy killed who "was turning his life around".......cases pending since Decemeber 2017 and court appearances as late as April of this year on those cases.....and as someone pointed out, he was at a rap concert. His mom said he was a "homebody" in her statement to the dead tree media

  5. You know how rare it is to hear about a 22 year old white father of four? It has to be less than 1% nationwide yet you hear it about black people all the time. How many baby mommas? Probably four. In just that dead baby daddies circle of family, they will literally cost the social justice system millions in their lifetimes. Think of all the people in his life who are on welfare, will be on welfare, will go to prison, and the future crimes they'll commit. The damage his circle will do is incalculable. His worthless offspring will continue the cycle of worthlessness.

  6. ^^Speaking of worthlessness.

  7. "...worthless offspring..."? Don't blame the kids for what they've been dealt. How about 'worthless blogger' instead?

  8. 9:18 you're the biggest piece of worthless shit on this board. You post day and night and obviously don't have a job given your frequency of posts.


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