Police Look For Golden Ghetto Creeper Suspect & After Double Lady Beat Down

A quick glimpse and suburban lady assault and a search across the metro for car connected to the drama. Take a look:

Lenexa police seek man who beat 2 women while stuck in traffic

Lenexa police are looking for a man who punched a woman in the face over and over after she tried to stop him from beating another woman. Hannah went above and beyond good Samaritan status. She was near 87th Street and Quivira Road about 1:30 p.m.


  1. Small weenie Mustang owner, easy to catch.

  2. Sounds like a hate crime by a black man to me


  3. Women carry weapons it's the only way to be safe anymore. That wouldn't have happened if one or both had a spring loaded knife, stun gun, gun, or police baton!

  4. Lenexa has become another JoCo cesspool.

  5. ^^^ so, it’s the town that sucks, not the punk ass negro trash that was just trying to find his way back to future-MLK street. Gotcha.

    1. The type you describe is the fastest growing part of Lenexa’s population unless you’re wearing blinders.

  6. Georgia tags? Sure to be stolen, just like most black peoples tags. You ever drive around the hood and see all the temporary tags? There is a reason they get pulled over by cops more than anyone.


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