Po'Folk Protest And Mass Arrests @ Kansas SecState Kobach Office Today

The poor people's campaign, immigration activists and Democratic Party denizens offer a lesson in Heartland civil disobedience. Read more:

Police arrest 18 people protesting in Kobach's state office

Police have arrested 18 people protesting inside Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach's office as part of a demonstration against policies he champions. Kansas Highway Patrol spokesman Adam Winters said the demonstrators were arrested Monday for criminal trespassing by the Capitol Police.


  1. Their First Amendment rights were violated.

    Not surprising since Kobach is a Nazi.

  2. ^^^^^Shut up Byron

  3. Just For the Record5/21/18, 11:34 PM

    If those jackasses had been out working instead of protesting they wouldn't be poor.


  4. Typical Degenerate pathetic Liberals of the Democratic party !!

    The Judge should hand them a $75,000 fine , payable in CASH Only !!!

  5. ^^For exercising their First Amendment rights?

    Thanks for demonstrating that Republicans are assholes.

  6. Where's CoproBoy? These geezers look like they all have really full Depends!

    But don't cry for them, they likely had a quick release and public apology deal already worked out with some leftist judge.


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