Ozark Lake Party Cove Show Coming Soon!!!

Reality TV and Heartland playground entertainment is on the way as informed viewers will watch the show for public sex that's infamous among all interlopers . . . No word how TV crews will cope with all of the E. coli polluting Missouri waterways or so many Midwestern denizens who don't belong in far too revealing swimwear. Read more:

Lake of the Ozarks' 'Party Cove' in a reality TV show? Yep, and you could star

Say the words "Party Cove" to almost anyone from Missouri and you're likely to get a strong reaction. Yes, Doron Ofir Casting and 495 Productions, the team that brought the world " Jersey Shore," "Floribama Shore" and "Party Down South" says it's ready to bring forth another wild reality show, this time at Missouri's popular summer vacation spot.


  1. Lots of hot young sluts will want to audition.

  2. I hope it's better than "Outlaw Country." Man that show sucked.

  3. Rumor has it that FOX4's Mark Alford was caught by the production company in Party Cove, but begged to have his scenes deleted due to a "shrinkage" issue.....he feels he was shortchanged due to the chilly water.


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