Sunday, May 13, 2018

Newspaper: Did Missouri Guv Greitens Ditch Navy Seals To Dodge Adultery Court Martial???

Let's not be coy, nobody cares about "dark money" or union rights . . . The sordid sexual adventures of the current Guv are what really captivates Missouri voters. And so, we offer the latest does of entertainment that Kansas City newsies are too scared to enjoy.

Dive right in:

Newspaper accuses GOP governor on trial in adultery case of resigning from Navy SEALs in 2015 to avoid court martial

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch pieced together the recent timeline of Missouri Republican Governor Eric Greitens and found a fascinating correlation between the timing of his extramarital affair and his decision to leave the United States Navy. Gov. Greitens, a former Navy SEAL, is currently standing trial for felony invasion of privacy in connection with the affair.


Anonymous said...

The navy seals don’t care about that crap, the newspapers in shitty Louis must be desperate for attention

Anonymous said...

The operative word is "Navy".
@ 8:45, if you had any inkling of what the Armed Forces are like, you would understand that the NAVY DOES INDEED CARE about "that sort of crap", and he would have faced a Court Martial for "conduct unbecoming".

The real world doesn't bear much resemblance to the movies you watch in Mommy's Basement, jerk!

Anonymous said...

Kelp looking and eventually you'll find a head in a box.

Anonymous said...


As already known for decades, the St. Louis Post Dispatch and the Kansas City Star are Liberal Democrat Mouthpieces which stand as glaring hypocrites in the world of purported fair media.

While the left hand commits corruption, adultery, and murder, they turn a blind eye. If the right hand raises a finger, chips a nail, or forms a fist, they quickly lobby for an amputation.

Their just reward is quickly approaching.....bankruptcy. And the best part for hyper-partisan staff? As their employer takes the final gasps of life, they'll screw their very own employees by defaulting on their pension obligations.

What goes around, comes around.

Anonymous said...

Maybe so, @10:40, but in the meantime they've succeeded in hanging a Republican Shitburger out to dry.

Anonymous said...

8:57 blah blah blah basement dweller