New Interim Jackson County Sheriff Forté Talks Jail Crisis: But Can He Fix It???

Charter change is actually a longer way off than newsies are willing to let the public know . . . But for now and during election season, bold statements abound as the new honcho shares his insights . . . Take a look:

Sheriff Darryl Forte calls Jackson County Jail conditions 'inhumane'

Acting Jackson County Sheriff Darryl Forte is acquainted with all the problems facing the Jackson County Jail, and he understands it may become his problem in the near future. In his first one-on-one interview since taking the oath of office in Jackson County, Forte said the jail has been deteriorating for years, but he believes things have improved under County Executive Frank White.


  1. He would have talked longer but he was already into overtime. This dipshit has zero chance of fixing the jail, other than letting the prisoners out.

  2. Inhumane? Most negroes never had it so good.

  3. He did such a good job with KCPD why wouldn’t he “fix” Jaco problems! Now that’s funny right there!

  4. Hell, he’s to busy getting his new uniforms custom made to fix anything

  5. The real crisis is that they hired forte to begin with

  6. Fly on the Wall5/24/18, 8:06 AM

    and this is exactly how its going to get fixed !!!!

    1st - hold a series of "Meetings" well into the years 2030

    2nd - hold even more "Meetings"

    3rd - even more "Meetings"

    4th hold even more "Meetings"

    5th - its now time to do an extensive "STUDY"


    7TH - Gotta hold yet another Study !

    8th - time to accept "BIDS"

    9TH - Study the Bids

    10 - RIG the Bids

    11 - Find out theres NO Money to Fix the Jail, AFTER they've already spent Millions doing "Studies & Meetings"

    That Folks is how KCMO fixes things !!!

  7. Heck if a golden globe second baseman can't manage a jail who can ?

  8. For an additional cool million in overtime he will have the problem fixed in no time.

  9. Hopefully he can rack up a six figure OT this year.

  10. @ 8:06, You forgot to add a few items:

    1a) Support bro that put you in the job to get OT.

    2a) Support bro that put you in the job to get more OT.

    3a) Issue statement of support for bro that put you in the job to get more OT.

    4a) Issue statement of support for bro that put you in the job to get more OT.

  11. He couldn't do anything about the murder rate. What makes you think the prick can do anything about the jail?

  12. The jail can be fixed by having the sheriff department take over critical components of the jail. The officers should be a mix of deputies and civilians. In addition, courts have to move cases quicker.

  13. Know lots of people who work in the jail. Conditions are even worse than the grand jury report indicated. And it has all got worse with White.

  14. Grand jury got into the finances at the jail, but not a big part of the problem, which is rampant payroll fraud. That includes older guards harassing the new ones so they quit. That keeps the jail understaffed and keeps the guards making the OT. Frank White giving them all a blanket raise has the guards who do this laughing all the way to the bank. Their overtime pay just got higher.

  15. Don’t forget, Frankie doesn’t think criminals should be in jail anyways, he says it’s not good for them.

  16. Does he throw sex parties?


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